6 Must-Have Apps for Photographers

6 Must-Have Apps for Photographers

Here at Wix, we’re in the business of making everyone’s life a little bit easier. From small business owners to freelance designers and photographers, we work hard to make sure everyone can create a website that will dazzle clients and lead to new business.

For all you photographers out there, not only do we give you the platform to create a beautiful photography website, we also provide you with tools to keep your portfolio up and running smoothly thanks to the wide selection of applications from the Wix App Market. What’s that? You haven’t heard about all the helpful photography apps available to you? Well sit back and relax while we break down the top 6 apps that every photographer must know about.

Wix Pro Gallery

The most professional gallery on the internet allows you to showcase your photos and videos with the highest quality available online. With tons of advanced settings like sharpness and image quality control, built-in image protection and mobile optimized images, your photography portfolio is sure to make a splash. Want to get more love (and eyes) on your photos? Social sharing with the Wix Pro Gallery is a total cinch and there’s even an option for your visitors to show their love via a clickable heart button on every photo.

Instagram Feed

Totally addicted to your Instagram? Now your website viewers can keep up with your work with a little help from this app. Simply upload one of your shots to Instagram and it will be displayed right on your website. Choose a beautiful layout to house your photos, customize the colors and fonts to match your site’s design and even display your photos in full-width to really wow your audience. Adding your Instagram to your feed is a great way to get new followers and keep your current ones hooked!

Instagram Feed

Wix Photo Albums

Calling all event photographers – this one’s for you. Wix Photo Albums allows you to easily create free stand-alone sites for your client’s photos. All you need to do is upload your photos, choose a layout and share it with them! Your clients can download photos straight from their new site and you can showcase your favorite collections on your photography portfolio – everyone wins.

Sell Photos

Want to make a little extra cash? Who doesn’t! With an app like Sell Photos, you can sell your pictures in high quality prints or digital files. By uploading images to your customizable gallery, your customers have access to all of your work right at their fingertips. From there, your buyers will have the option to purchase and print their favorite photo on their choice of canvas, paper, poster or foam board. What’s more is that the Sell Photos app also takes care of billing, printing and shipping of the product. That’s right. You just need to sit back and rake in the profit.

Before and After Slider

Everyone loves a good transformation. Let’s say you have a photo taken with the first camera you ever owned. Now you’ve upgraded and want to show your clients the difference in quality with your new lens. With the Before and After Slider app, you can show your site visitors the difference with a before and after picture. Compare two photos side by side in one image so your following can see the difference. And don’t worry, the app is mobile friendly!

Before and after

Image Zoom

Ready to get up close and personal? Now your visitors can zoom into your photos with the help of Image Zoom. You’ll have full control over the style and position of how a person can navigate over an image and you can completely customize the colors, sizes, positions and animations to match the feel of your website.

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