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No matter how experienced you are, there may come a time when you need a little help creating a website with Wix. That’s where the Wix Help Center comes in! It’s an online support portal that lets you explore Wix’s entire knowledge base right at your fingertips (and in 9 different languages no less). Think of it as a library where you can ask questions, browse articles and get the answers you need to push along to web design greatness. 

The Wix Help Center is your best and most important starting point for anything to do with Wix. This quick guide will help you familiarize yourself with all the bells and whistles starting with the most basic step: asking a question.

Bonus: You can actually create your own customer service software for your business with Wix Answers. The software is used to power the Wix Help Center that supports over 120 million users.

The search box: Get instant answers

The Wix Help Center was built with usability in mind so that anyone can find what they are looking for 24/7, and fast. Over 90% of all issues raised by Wix users are answered here. At first glance, you will notice a large search box similar to that of a search engine. Listed below is the index, categorized by popularity, and lastly a collection of trending topics and recent discussions.

How does the search box work? It’s simple! Just type your query in the form of a question or statement and a list of possible answers from our extensive database will appear. You can ask a question in almost any format, but best practice dictates shorter and focused sentences, and remember to only ask one question at a time while using plain language.

Asking the right questions

Since the Wix Help Center is an automated support system it can only identify relevant keywords. The key to finding what you’re looking for is clarity. Keep your query short and use keywords like names of features or elements in the Wix Editor for best results.

Try to avoid including more information than needed. Here are examples of unsuccessful queries:

  • “Hi, my name is Eric and I’d love to know how to rank higher on Google.”

  • “I’m having problems with saving my document.”

  • “Good afternoon, are you there? I’d love to know…”

Here are some good examples of successful search queries:

  • Add photos

  • I tried to connect my domain

  • How to edit text?

  • How do I add a form?

Tip: The search bar will display the 5 most relevant articles associated with your question, but there are dozens more available that may apply to you as well so make sure to click ‘See all results…’ at the bottom of your query.

Couldn’t find your answer?

There may be rare occasions where your search query will come back blank or produce a different result from what you expected it to. This doesn’t mean the answer you are looking for is not there, but simply that there was no match to the keywords you entered.

The Help Center is well documented and every step is categorized and indexed in order to achieve utmost usability. If you can’t find your answer through the search box, you are likely to find it in the index by scrolling down below. Simply choose the category that your question falls under, and then choose the subcategory that is most relevant to your question.

Here you will find a list of articles associated with your subcategory as well as relevant feature requests and known issues from our users. Each subcategory contains several dozen articles that are easily identifiable, so it shouldn’t take long to figure out if your answer lies within. Under every article, feature request and known issue you will find related articles and discussions, as well as options to mark the article as helpful and follow-up for future updates. Feature requests are suggestions for new features or modification requests that collect votes to help prioritize future releases. These can be very useful to browse through and see what your fellow users are reporting.

Additionally, another great resource is the troubleshooter, where you can easily navigate through to find the most helpful article for your need.

Final thoughts

Wix has over 90 million users worldwide and we are constantly thinking of ways to expand and improve the way we help our users, so your feedback is and will always remain very important to us. Please share your opinion in the comments below about the experience with our support center – this will help us provide you a better service moving forward!

By The Wix Team

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