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Small Business Tips \ NOV 8th 2016

What, How and Why To Do Business Tests

Every business from Wix to Apple to the mom and pop shop next door wants to know what their clients like best. That’s why they run business tests on new products, services or marketing materials; these tests help companies learn what their audience is looking for.

If you are creating a new website or updating the site you have, you don’t have to guess which design, image or text will have the best results; business tests offer a way to know for sure. It’s time to learn what business tests are and how they can help you create the most effective online presence possible. Now you can master how tweaking details of your site can increase your conversion rates and snag you more sales. Intrigued? Read on!

What, How and Why To Do Business Tests

What are business tests?

Business tests refer to any tests you run among your target market to help you make decisions about your business. The most common type of business test is called an A/B Test. Put simply, it’s when you create a few versions of your website, newsletter or a new product and then distribute each one out to similar segments of your market and see which one converts best.

Why run business tests?

Whether you run a nail salon, a restaurant or a law firm, you want to engage your potential clientele and boost sales. When considering a new logo, homepage image, newsletter or Call to Action, business tests help you figure what your audience likes best.

When to use A/B testing in your business?

You can run a business test for nearly any element of your site. To be able to accurately evaluate the results, however, make sure that you only change one or two things on each version. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell what elements affected the results. Try testing out a new color scheme, images, testimonials or your slogan to start.

How to run an A/B test?

It’s simple! First, create a version of your website (or landing page) that you love. Then, make a copy of the page. On the second site, change just one element that you want to test. It could be the design of your eCommerce shop, the headline on your homepage or the color of your “Shop Now!” button.

Next, send out each version of your page to similar groups in your target market. You can distribute the sites using an email newsletter (Have you tried ShoutOut?) or by running a PPC campaign on Google. Another option is to post both versions on your Facebook page and ask for direct feedback from your fans and friends. Track the engagement levels on each site to see which one generates more clicks, purchases or emails. Then, you’ll find your winner!


Other types of business tests?

Websites aren’t the only thing you can test. If you write a regular blog, send out eNewsletters or use social media, you can use business tests there as well. Plus, business tests can be used offline too.

1. Testing a newsletter

Sending out an eNewsletter? Split up your contact list and send out slightly different versions to see which one generates more engagement. (Just remember to change only one element of the design or test.) You can run the test on two small groups of contacts and then send out the “winning” version of the newsletter to your entire mailing list. We recommend trying a different image of a different subject line as your first test.

2. Business tests on social media

If you post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can run business tests to try and find the best days and times to hit up your crowd. Start out posting the same content on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons for a few weeks. Which posts got more engagement? Do weekends work better among your clientele? Does your crowd prefer photographs, cartoons, inspirational quotes or video clips? Try it all!

3. Offline business tests

Business tests aren’t only for your online marketing! You can also go old-school and test out ideas offline. Holding a focus group with members of your target market can get your business valuable feedback. You can consult with your clients to help you improve a new service, design your logo or give you ideas about your new store layout. Just send out a survey or hold a nice Q&A session (stocked with snacks) and you’ll learn a ton. 


Ready to run your first A/B test? First, you’ll want to create a website with Wix!

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