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The 5 Best Podcasts To Start Listening To

Have you heard the word podcast floating around online, or perhaps at the water cooler, and not had a clue what people are talking about? Not to worry. It’s never too late to jump on a trend, especially one that we predict will be around for quite a while.

A podcast is like the radio for the 21st century. But better. Typically you can find a series of content for absolutely any interest and listen from desktop or a mobile device by streaming or downloading the episode. Also, they’re free. It’s that simple.

Now comes the fun part – scouring the web for the very best of this new medium. If you’re diving into audio for the very first time, here’s the perfect starter list.

Who, What, Wix

Not to toot our own horn but Who, What, Wix is considered the #1 small business podcast. Launched in September 2016, co-hosts Yael and Justin are already on a roll. As insider marketing experts they interview small business owners and marketing gurus about the success and failures of owning your own biz. It’s fun, creative and gives loads of helpful tips. We recommend a listen ASAP.

Who What Wix


We can’t really mention podcasts without paying homage with the series that launched the concept of listening to this content into the stratosphere. Season one of Serial introduced us to convicted murderer, Adnan Syed, who has proclaimed his innocence while imprisoned since 1999. Delving into this documentary was thrilling to millions and brought about both the tipping point for podcast listenership as well as a new trial for the subject. A year after season one debuted, it still remains in the top 10 and likely will for years to come.

StartUp Podcast

With everything from TV to film jumping on the intrigue of start-up culture, Gimlet media is bringing the ever-evolving field straight to your earbuds. Three seasons in, they focus on how now up-and-running tech companies first got off the ground by interviewing founders on their experiences in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Freakonomics Radio

Created by the authors of the best selling book holding the same title, Freakonomics airs both on US radio and online. Host Stephen Dubner does a compelling analysis of various cultural phenomenons, social science, entrepreneurship, and some weird and fun facts of human nature [like the behavior around waiting in lines.] Looking for something to stimulate your brain? Well worth dipping a toe in.

TED Radio Hour

Unless you’ve truly been living under a rock, we imagine you’ve seen a TED Talk video or two on YouTube. Perhaps you’ve even had the good fortune of attending an event in person. Now you can enjoy TED speakers in yet another format. Brought to us by NPR and host Guy Raz (we’re big fans) TED Radio Hour combines the world’s best speakers, private interviews, and loads of research to explore exceptional inventions and pretty darn cool ideas. Turn the volume up and get inspired. You can thank us later.

TED Radio Hour

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The Wix Team
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