From Contemporary to Modern Art: 6 Artists That are Leading the Way

The most unique and traditional forms of art deserve to have the spotlight; whether it’s on a canvas in a gallery, a building in an urban city or a beautiful online portfolio, there is an audience out there waiting to have their worlds rocked by some mind-blowing art.  We’re proud to show off some of the fantastic artists who showcase their talents using Wix

Yulia Brodskaya

Paper artist and illustrator, Yulia Brodskava, uses only two materials to create her three-dimensional masterpieces. Browse through her gallery and watch her videos to see how she brings her art to life.

Tomas Vitanovsky

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Tomas Vitanovsky turned his passion for cars and motorbikes into a career. No, he didn't become a mechanic. Using old engine parts and scraps of metal, this talented fellow welds sculptures he simply thought up in his imagination. Exploring his creations is like transporting into a science fiction film you never want to end.

Kokei Mikuni

Alright, this one you really need to see to believe. With careful precision, this Wix Artist balances rocks in the middle of the most breathtaking locations to create a stunning final product. Watch his videos and you won't believe your eyes.

Molly Gambardella

From animation to fine art and illustration, Molly Gambardella's website shows us she can create a work of art from pretty much anything and turn it into a modern or classic masterpiece.

Tim Bengel

At first glance, you might just think this is your run of the mill, uber-talented illustrator. But after watching Tim Bengal's videos of how he uses sand to create life-like paintings, you will be blown away.

Yamkin Collage

When you first think of collage art, you may initially remember a fun pastime from your childhood, but one look at this artist's website and you'll soon realize that it takes someone super talented to create modern and unique collage art.

By Jillian Altit

Community Manager

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