10 Reasons Why Wix SEO Is The Best

Fact number 1: Wix has the best SEO. Managing your website’s SEO is one of the most important things you can do to promote it, and Wix has helped millions of people create a stunning online presence and easily get discovered on search engines.

Fact number 2: You don’t need the resources of a Fortune 500 company to do SEO right. Wix has mastered the art of getting your site to show up at the top of search results by providing everything you need to get found online – the platform, tools and analytics. 

If you’re looking to shoot your website to the top of search pages and earn a steady stream of organic traffic, Wix has you covered. Not only will Wix SEO help you improve your ranking in Google search results, it is also incredibly easy to get started without even leaving your homepage. From custom domains to mobile optimization, here are the top 10 reasons why Wix SEO is simply the best:

Meta Tags – Invisible info helping your site get found.

Your website’s meta tags are the short snippets of text you see when you do a Google search, and may just be the first thing people read about you online, which makes them pretty crucial for prioritizing websites. Meta tags don’t appear on the page itself, but rather in the page’s code to give search engines specific information about the content of your site.

Wix lets you add unique SEO meta tags for each page and even individual products if you have a store so you can make sure the people who are searching for your specific items can find and recognize them with ease. You can get started simply from your Wix Editor by adding a custom title, description and associated keywords your audience may use to search for you. With Wix, you can even optimize each product category separately to target specific audiences.

Meta Tags

URLs – Your descriptive address line.

You always want to keep SEO in mind when considering ideas for your website’s URL address since it is the very first thing people see and the first piece of data Google and other search engines will use to rank your website. That being said, you want to choose a unique domain name that is easy for your audience to remember. After all, it is more than just a web address, it is part of your branding and overall aesthetic. The ideal domain name includes your business name and a strong keyword that is relevant to what you do.

Wix provides you with complete control over your URL. Choose the proper domain extension from a slew of options depending on the nature of your website. You can even stick with the free Wix URL or connect your own if you already have one in just a few clicks. Each page on your website can be customized with a simple, descriptive URL that is clean and parameter-free.

Heading Tags – Optimized headers for every page.

After scanning your domain name, search engines scan your site’s headings to gain additional insight on the accuracy of your page. These are short texts very similar to a headline of a newspaper section. Potential site visitors will also use your headings to determine if your site offers what they’re looking for. Since most people simply scan pages quickly, the headings will give them a more precise idea of what you’re offering and then allow them to delve in.

Wix allows you to break down SEO to every aspect of your website. Each page on your website can and should have its own unique heading tags. There are several heading tags available including H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. The rest of the styles are mapped to the paragraph tag.

It is easy to add a heading tag in Wix. When you write them, make sure to incorporate strong keywords as much as possible to explain what your page is all about. Headings and subheadings are particularly important in longer blog posts. You would want to break up long chunks of text with helpful subtitles that let everyone know what each section of the text is going to cover.

Heading Tags

Keywords in Content – The text that gets you found.

Every search on the internet begins with a simple keyword phrase also known as a query. Strong and relevant keywords in the body of each page on your website will help improve your search result ranking. Wix makes it easy to customize your website’s content with a powerful drag and drop editor that lets you change anything with a simple and intuitive click of a button. All you need to do is create a list of words that your target market would search for on Google and insert them naturally in the body of your website’s pages.

Not sure which keywords you should focus on? No problem. Many people, including experts, turn to keyword tools like Google’s KeywordPlanner Moz Explorer or SEMRush. These tools help you find keyword ideas and provide you with estimates on how well they may perform – like approximately how many people are searching for these specific terms each month. These estimates will tell you if a specific keyword is very competitive, in which case you may want to find an alternative since it is harder to rank for.

Anchor Links – The links that connect your pages.

An Anchor Link is the visible, usually highlighted, clickable text used to link to another document or page on the web. The blue text throughout this article are all anchor links. Search engines use these to calculate link relevancy, which is determined by the quality of the target page content and the quality of the anchor text. Linking to other pages within your site, as well as linking to other sites, and getting other sites to link to yours is a great way to improve your SEO. Give your visitors a dynamic experience on your site by using anchor links to connect to related pages. Quick tip, be sure to link text that informs your visitors where they’re going when they click!

Alt Text – The description that gets your images indexed.

Alt text serves several functions. For starters, search engines can’t see visuals like photos, videos or applets (at least not yet), but they can read text. Alt text is designed for that in mind and provides a semantic meaning and description to visuals so that they can be read and indexed by search engines.

Alt Text is content you can add to your site’s images so they show up in a Google image search. Online stores, for example, typically have a large number of images in product galleries. Use these images as a resource to describe your products and their great appeal. Just make sure to keep your Alt Text short and descriptive.

It is also important to remember that not all users can see your information either, but they’ll hear it instead. Alt text is read by screen readers to be accessible to those with visual or other cognitive impairments.

Alt Text

Mobile Optimization – A great experience from anywhere.

With Wix, it’s easy to adapt your website to look stunning on any device and rank in Google’s mobile search. You can edit your mobile site using the mobile editor, or let Wix automatically create a mobile-friendly version of your site for you. Both your desktop and the mobile version of your website are found on Google, they simply represent different viewing modes depending on what device the user is operating. Search engines give a lot of value to great user experience when determining search results, meaning sites that are optimized for mobile devices are ranked better when a user searches from a phone

Wix SEO Wiz – Advanced, automatic SEO guidance.

Wix SEO Wiz is the best step-by-step guide you can have to help you improve your site’s SEO and rank higher on Google. Who better than Google themselves to confirm this, right? Here’s what the folks at Google had to say about the magical Wiz: “For the Wix users, this [Wix SEO Wiz] is a pretty cool experience because they can see their page in the search results immediately after they have created it. There is no waiting, there is no wondering, ‘Am I on search or not?’ Within seconds, they’re on Google.” To get started, simply enter your best keywords, and let the Wiz do the rest. You don’t need any prior experience to give your site professional SEO. This super-friendly tool will give you easy to implement recommendations on how to increase your search visibility and attract a larger audience. Easily target your customers and improve your ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO Wizard

SEO Apps – The best Apps for SEO, in the Wix App Market.

The Wix App Market offers a huge variety of Apps helping your site’s SEO rock. Check out the intuitive Rabbit SEO platform, and let SEO Coach Analytics walk you towards great SEO. SEO Analytics lets you track your visitors easily, and understand which keywords perform best. Looking to boost your SEO power even more? Add the Wix Blog to your website and create ongoing fresh content that will get search engines and visitors alike to pay close attention.

SEO Support – 24/7 support from the Wix Help Center.

No matter your experience level, everyone can use a little help optimizing their Wix website. The Wix Help Center is an online support portal that lets you explore Wix’s entire knowledge base right at your fingertips. You can ask questions, browse articles and get all the right answers you need to create a stunning website. There are hundreds of articles to help guide you through the best methods to optimize your website. If at any point you need a more personal touch, there is a team of dedicated representatives who will happily assist you with any problems. You can submit a ticket online, or simply call for live assistance with an agent.

Ready to rise above the rest? Create a free website with Wix today!

By The Wix Team

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