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Web Design \ OCT 5th 2016

Manage Your Business On The Go! Meet the New Wix App

Your website is the heart of your online presence. It’s where your amazing products and services come together in one place for all to see. But creating a website is just the beginning, then it’s time to manage your business online. For most small business owners, operating your business can be tough when you’re constantly on the go. And we know you are! That’s why we’ve created a solution that allows you to manage your blog, online store and hotel business from the comfort of your mobile device.

Introducing the new Wix App: designed to give you up to date notifications on your business so you’ll never miss a thing!

Learn all of the incredible functions Wix App offers to make your life a little bit easier.


Unique Mobile Features

Depending on your website, Wix App will perform different actions – all customized to your own business’s specific needs. Upon opening Wix App, you’ll find a clearly designed feed that displays all of your website’s most important and recent activity. With this new mobile option, you always have exactly what you need, when you need it! But there’s more:

Engage with Visitors
Much like the desktop version of your website, Wix Engage on mobile allows you to get real-time notifications when customers send you a message, subscribe to your newsletter, make a reservation, receive an invoice and more – so you can easily respond right away and never miss a lead. No need to wait by the computer anymore – whether you’re out running errands or having a meeting you’ll be updated right on the spot.  

Welcome Your Clients in Live Chat
With Wix App your communication with customers just got better! Now you can get notifications when you’ve got a site visitor and even see where they are on your site – right from your mobile device. Once you have that kind of intel, you can start a conversation and help them find exactly what they’re looking for, helping you close more deals and provide top notch customer service. Don’t forget to install the Visitors app into your site from the app market so you can chat through mobile!

Manage Your Online Store

Managing your online store anywhere, anytime is now a possibility. The new Wix App gives you the freedom and versatility to keep an eye on all of your online store’s activities – so you can be more on top of things than ever before. With the app’s push notifications it’s easy to see when orders are coming in so you can fill them in just a click. But that’s far from all. You can also track payments, get updates on all new sales, and be instantly notified when you’re sold out of a product.

Want to add new products to your inventory when you’re out and about? Piece of cake! Easily add new merchandise right from your phone. Voila. With Wix App you have the power to upload or take pictures,  include a price, add a description, and even set a discount. Giving you total control over what your customers see.

Create Blogs On the Go

Out and about when inspiration strikes? No need to wait, you can create a blog post and add photos right from your mobile device. Use all of your blog’s advanced features such as: write posts, choose featured posts, take/upload pictures to your posts, and of course, update, customize and manage your blog wherever, whenever. And when you’re ready to share your latest blog with the world, quickly share the post on your social networks – all from the ease of your handheld device. Haven’t started your blog yet? Let your creativity run wild with one of our many blog templates!   

Track Your Hotel From Anywhere

Keeping your hotel’s website in tip top shape is an important part of your business’ success. Now with Wix App’s advanced features staying up to date is easier than ever before! Comfortably keep track of all your reservations in one place, helping you manage your bookings and check your availability at a glance. If you’re out running errands and a guest calls to make a reservation, no sweat! You can check your availability and book them on the spot right from your phone. Once you’re on top of who’s checking in and out you can track your invoices and utilize the capability of Wix Engage as well!

Ready to get your business on the web? Start your free website today!

The Wix Team
By The Wix Team

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