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Small Business Tips \ OCT 10th 2016

It’s the Little Things: How Your Small Biz Can Leave a Lasting Impression

Whether it’s the welcoming smile of a salesperson or a barista who remembers to hold the foam, it’s the small gestures and human touches that keep us coming back to our favorite businesses (a great website also doesn’t hurt). So much of our time is spent interfacing with our technology that when a company makes us feel connected in a human way, we’re sold. When faced with endless buying choices, it’s the little things that will stand out in your client’s memory.

Here are some good ole’ common sense practices to make your customers feel loved and appreciated (and coming back for more).

It’s the Little Things How Your Small Biz Can Leave a Lasting Impression_image

User-friendly Websites

Chances are, your website is the first place your potential client or customer will engage with you. Since we all know that first impressions are everything, if your website doesn’t look great and perform well, no one is going to stick around for long. What makes a website user-friendly? Seamless UX (user experience) starting with these must-haves:

  • Clear navigation & site structure that allows your visitors to easily find what they’re looking for
  • Working links to assure you lead your visitors to the right place
  • Attention grabbing call to actions (CTAs) using short, concise language
  • Contact info front and center, since visitors are likely looking for it
  • Up-to-date, stylish design using only high quality, professional looking images
  • Content that is precise and free of grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Fonts that are stylish, unified and most importantly, readable
  • Mobile compatibility so smartphone and tablet users can have a great experience on your site

If you don’t yet have a website, Wix templates make this step a no-brainer since it’s all there for you from the get-go.

Free Giveaways

If you want to gain something, give something. Your aim is to establish direct communication with your clients and they, in turn, are looking for an incentive to provide you that access. If a visitor gives you their email address, offer them a coupon for their first purchase or perhaps even a free trial. Here are other great ways to treat your clients:

  • Offer a discount on their next purchase.
  • Include free samples in their order.
  • Offer free shipping (and returns!) if they’ve spent a certain amount.
  • Entice customers you haven’t heard from in a while to return with a coupon code.
  • Offer special discounts for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Initiate a customer loyalty program to consistently reward them for their purchases.

The best way to keep in touch with your clients is an email marketing tool like Wix Shoutout. Send emails, newsletters, and of course, all these tantalizing freebies!

It’s the Little Things How Your Small Biz Can Leave a Lasting Impression

The Customer is Always Right

We’re all looking for the human behind the brand and your approach to customer service is the best way to show your customers who you are. So what does customer service really look like? It’s a team that is always focused on exuding a positive and helpful air that inspires trust and confidence in your product. Along with your positive tone, when you’ve mucked up (as humans do), own it. Then try to make it right. Provide your clients with someone they’ll want to do business with and you’ll build a strong base of loyal customers.

Be a Guinea Pig

Ever thought about making a purchase or booking an appointment on your own website? By putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and going through your own site you will discover what is intuitive and what may confuse future visitors. If YOU are your own customer, you will be less likely to disappoint yourself.

Open Communication

If your users are engaging with you, you are doing something right! Whether it’s through email, a blog comment, a question on your Facebook page or a tweet, respond quickly and thoughtfully. Seize the opportunity to foster a relationship and gain a fan by showing them there’s a real person behind the product.

Another way of communicating is through feedback and when it comes to online shopping, product reviews are worth their weight in eComm gold. If it’s a negative review, quickly troubleshoot and do your darndest to solve the problem. If it’s positive, thank them for taking the time to write.

Lastly, the Comments App is the perfect way to interact with your visitors! Add it to your website and instantly allow your users to ask questions, give feedback and discuss topics with you and the rest of your audience in real time! Fully customize the look and feel – colors, layout, etc. to fit seamlessly within your site design.


Research has shown that smiling employees exude likability and trust and that customers come away feeling more satisfied with the interaction. If you’ve got an online business, find the smiles in the tone you adopt for your written content – use simple language, speak at eye level, don’t take yourself too seriously. Give a proverbial wink when you can. Companies like JetBlue and Dropbox have made an art of this. (And we’d like to think we have too.)

It’s the Little Things How Your Small Biz Can Leave a Lasting Impression

Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal

Yves Saint Laurent was not kidding. No matter who you are or what your brand is, style matters. Invest in your online image by taking professional photos of your products or yourself if you are a service provider. Brand your business by choosing a logo and a color scheme that will permeate your marketing material. Most importantly, make sure your website looks current and up to date!


Even as the age of big business expands, it’s the smaller boutique and specialized brands that pique our interest. People love to support local businesses and start-ups that have a great story to tell. Let your customers know who you are and what you stand for by sharing your company’s history and philosophy with them. Keep your message consistent and use honest and engaging language to get them hooked.

Say Thank You!

Thanking a person for something they’ve done is a timeless gesture that shows you care. When you provide your client or customer with excellent service and a great product, that’s the first thank you. Other great opportunities are when they’ve shared their email address, made a purchase, hired you, recommended you to a friend, or offered feedback. Check out these super creative ways of showing your gratitude:

  • Choose a client/customer of the month and feature their pic on your website (or give them a shout out tweet)
  • Offer special discounts for loyal customers
  • Enclose a handwritten note in their purchase
  • Offer tips, tutorials or how-tos either on your website or via email
  • Host fun, free events at your business location
  • Share your company’s milestones with your clients by treating them to a special gift and thank you message on your website

Are you ready to put these principles into action? Create a stunning website with Wix!

The Wix Team
By The Wix Team

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