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Small Business Tips \ OCT 4th 2016

How to Run Your Business Like a Boss

As a business owner, you’ve got your hands full managing your daily tasks while handling any number of things that may be thrown your way to keep things running smoothly. From overseeing administrative details to making sure your customers are satisfied, we’re sure you could use an extra pair of hands to help you out. With the newest features from Wix’s appointment scheduling tool, Wix Bookings, you can run your business more efficiently, freeing you up to tackle your to-do list and (anything unexpected) like a boss.


Keep Your Staff’s Schedule Organized

If you’re running a business like a dance studio or a private tutoring service, you likely need to work with multiple staff members and their calendars. When you’re managing so many people, things can become overwhelming- but fear not! Wix Bookings has everything you need to keep track of your all-star employees.

  • Add staff members in Wix Bookings: You can add multiple staff members and assign different services to each one, complete with their contact information and working hours.
  • Assign private or group services to staff members: Assign different staff members to different group services or the same group services at different times. You can also assign a staff member to a new or existing private service.
  • Sync a staff member’s Google calendar with Wix Bookings: Updates made to your staff’s Wix Bookings calendar or to their Google Calendar will automatically appear in both systems thanks to two-way synchronization.
  • Filter your calendar by staff member: Monitor your staff member’s services by filtering your Wix Bookings calendar by staff member.

Get Paid the Way You Want

When it comes to running a business, you want to know you’re getting paid for the service you’re providing. Depending on your biz, you may be totally fine with accepting payment in person, but if you’re more of a money upfront type, we’ve got you covered. Have your clients pay entirely online ahead of time via PayPal or Stripe or request that they pay a deposit beforehand. Whether it’s a private or a group service, you will literally be making money while you sleep.


Register Additional Participants at Once

What if every client who books your service was able to sign their friend up without breaking a sweat? That would mean more business for you and more fun for them. Fortunately, Wix Bookings makes it super easy for your client to do exactly that when they book on your website. So whether you’re running a nail salon, a yoga studio, or you’re a seasonal sailing instructor, get ready for your client-base to grow. The more the merrier, right?

Add a Time Buffer Between Appointments

If your business requires some set-up time or you simply need a moment in between appointments or classes, Wix Bookings has the simple solution you need. You can easily customize your calendar to give yourself time to prepare for your next customer, class, or whoever is next in line. This way, when a client books an appointment with you, they’re seeing your calendar with the buffer-time built in, giving you the ‘you-time’ you need.

Ready to manage your business like a boss? Create your free website today. 

The Wix Team
By The Wix Team

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