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Promote Your Site \ OCT 20th 2016

7 Good Reasons to Create a Blog for Your Business

While it may be easy to come up with reasons not to write a blog (you have no time, you’re not tech-savvy, you’re not a good writer), the truth is that there are few better ways to improve your online presence and boost your business. Blogging is free, easy to do and demands only an hour or two of your time each week. Plus, when you create a website with Wix, you can add a blog for free.

7 Good Reasons to Create a Blog for Your Business

Before we lay out all the reasons that blogging is great for your business (and there are many) let us debunk all those myths about why you can’t blog:

You don’t have time

Stop worrying – you don’t need to post every day! Start off slowly and make a schedule that you know you can stick to. Once a week or even once a month is a great goal for beginners.

You lack the money or tech skills

Today there are several platforms on the market where you can create a blog for free. (Wix, of course, is our favorite.) Plus, Wix offers the added benefit of being super easy for anyone to use. No coding or tech skills required. Just write your post, add a picture or two and hit publish!

You’re not a writer

The era of the Internet has created incredible opportunities for budding writers. It’s easy for anyone at all to publish their work for the world to see. True, the competition can be fierce and not every blog will get read by thousands, but the risks are low as well. When you are writing a blog, no one expects you to be Shakespeare! Plus, there is no better way to gain experience than to get started.

7 Good Reasons to Create a Blog for Your Business

Now that we’re reassured you, take a look at these 7 irrefutable reasons that blogging is great for your business:

Establish yourself as an expert

Blogging is a great way to boost your reputation. When you provide your readers with professional advice, you demonstrate your expertise. Whether you’re a financial consultant, artist or carpenter, you have knowledge that will be helpful to those people who interested in your products or services.

A word to the wise: Always write about what you know best and what’s relevant to your audience. No one wants to read a blog about what you ate for breakfast. (Unless you’re a master chef – or a dietician.)

Improve Your Visibility (for Free!)

When it comes to increasing the chances that you’ll show up high on search engines like Google, blogging is full of benefits. Publishing new content on a regular basis reminds search engines that you exist and adds new pages to your website. (Sites with more pages tend to rank higher.) Plus, each time another website or blogger links to a post you wrote, Google will improve your website’s rank.

Search engines are not the only ones who take notice when you blog. Sharing your posts on social media will expose your knowledge and skills to a large professional community. You can capture the attention of readers on Facebook, Twitter and on LinkedIn. As you generate more traffic from social media, Google will be impressed as well. More traffic means a higher ranking on Google which means more traffic – – you just need to get the ball rolling and watch your site will climb the ranks!

Keep your community informed

Blogging isn’t just a way to establish your status is an expert. It also serves as a powerful tool for staying in contact with your past, present and future clients. Use your blog to let your community of readers know about a new product or service, wish them a happy new year or invite them to an event at your store. There are countless opportunities to keep your clientele informed and connect with your audience.

We also recommend distributing your blog in an online newsletter, just like we do here at Wix. (Try using ShoutOut!) By delivering each blog conveniently to your readers’ inbox, you’ll increase the number of people who read each new post.

Expand your marketing strategy

Content marketing is all the rage! Put simply, its content designed to generate interest in your business by being useful or entertaining, without specifically asking for something in return. This kind of writing can be very powerful over time and attract new site visitors without having to pay for them. Providing information that is of interest to a large audience will help more people learn about your brand and give your reputation a boost.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say we write an article called “How to quickly create a website!” Someone looking to learn about the subject might get to the article on Google, Facebook or Twitter and notice it was published by Wix. That reader who once read that article on our blog will think of Wix months later when they finally decide to build a website.

Stay informed

You know the ins and outs of your business, right? But to really set yourself apart, you want to stay on top of all the latest developments in your field. Read news about your industry and track what your competitors are up to. (No, that’s not cheating!) Then, use your blog as a place to keep your client-base informed. Let them know about new technologies, inspiration you’ve found elsewhere online or the latest trends in your field. In time, your blog can become the place they go to to find out what’s new!

Improve your writing

No one was born with a silver pen in their mouth. Learning to write well takes time and practice. You have to write, rewrite, edit and sometimes throw it all out and start over again. Blogging is that it’s a relatively risk-free way to improve your writing skills.

Becoming a better writer has lots of added benefits. Your vocabulary will improve and you’ll get more adept at organizing your writing and crafting a good argument. These skills will help you not only in business, but in many areas of your life.

Earn money

We saved the best for last! Not only is blogging a great way to boost your website traffic and improve your writing skills, but a well-read blog is money in your pocket. It will bring in potential clients to your website at an increasing rate as you climb higher in the ranks of Google. Just think – each new reader to your blog is a prospective customer!

If you are able to generate significant traffic, there are a lot of ways to capitalize on it: you can sign up for an affiliate program as an additional source of income or sell guest spots on your blog to other aspiring writers. If you do go this route, however, a word to the wise: Choose your partners carefully and keep your industry and target market in mind. You don’t want to reduce your credibility by creating a blog that’s packed with ads or full of irrelevant articles.

Ready to start publishing online? Create your Wix blog today!

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