Why We Love the Internet: Meet Webster Bilder

When you spend as much time on the web as we do, you see a lot of weird stuff. And sometimes, that weird stuff is chock full of awesome. This past week we came across our new favorite internet sensation: 2016 Presidential Candidate Webster Bilder.

From fighting online spoilers to honoring our viral veterans, Webster Bilder has policies we can really get behind. His major goal? Make the internet great – again. And with a stunning Wix website, Mr. Bilder definitely has our vote.

Ready to get to know the man everyone is talking about? Watch his videos, and learn all about how he’s going to restore glory to the web we all know and love.

Who is Webster Bilder?

Turns out, Webster Bilder has been at the forefront of all of tech’s biggest achievements.


Have you noticed that #people #sometimes #type #like #this? Or use hashtags #asiftheywereasentence? Webster Bilder won’t let it happen anymore.

Plan for Our Profile Pics

Don’t you love how you can use your best photo for your Facebook profile pic? Webster thinks this is your American right – and should even be an option for our driver’s license.

Keep America Safe, Fight Online Spoilers

Tired of hearing how an episode ended before actually seeing it for yourself? So is Webster Bilder – and he intends to put a stop to it once and for all.

Honor Web Veterans

Have you asked yourself lately: what’s Charlie the Finger Biter up to lately? Our viral veterans deserve better than to just be yesterday’s YouTube view – they deserve a national holiday.

Keep Tinder Honest

Single people shouldn’t only have standards – they should have rights! Webster Bilder wants to outlaw dishonest dating profile pics so you never have to question yourself again.

Build a Giant Firewall

One of the most important things on Webster Bilder’s agenda? Security. That’s why he is prioritizing a giant firewall to keep us all stay safe from things like incessant Candy Crush invites.

Stop Food Porn

Have you looked at your newsfeed lately? It’s dripping with yummy food pics – much of which is unfit for the younger generations’ innocent eyes. Webster Bilder is here to clean things up.

Solution for Our Energy Crisis

Chances are, your phone’s battery is already less than 20%. Webster Bilder doesn’t think you should have to carry your charger with you – he’s got a plan to recharge America.

Clear Our History

Webster Bilder knows: we all have things on the web we’d rather not be there. One thing in particular needs erasing – for good.

Fantasy Football Players

Webster Bilder has a message for Team America: it’s time to include all of our nation’s’ athletes – even those of the fantasy variety.

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By The Wix Team

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