#LaborDay: 8 Unusual Work Facts That Will Surprise You

You’re already familiar with this time of the year. The smell of barbecue comes floating in through your open windows, the parks fill up with picnic blankets and everyone is doing their best to squeeze the last drop out of summer.

You’re right: Labor Day is coming.

To celebrate the occasion, we did some research on the wild world of work – after all, that’s what this day is about. It turns out that even such a serious topic has a really fun side! Here are 10 unbelievable facts that you’ll want to share with your colleagues on the back to work (doomed) day:

Work is indeed a pain

Do you suffer at work? That’s in fact pretty natural. If you look into the etymology of the noun “labor,” you’ll find among other  words things such as “pain” “suffering” “tribulation” or “hardship.” Even more hardcore, in French (and Spanish,) “Travail” (or Trabajo) comes from the Latin word “Tripalium.” Just FYI, a Tripalium is a torture instrument with 3 stakes that the Romains used to punish rebel slaves. But you know, French people eat Pain for breakfast so…

Monday equals the most popular sick day

The Monday blues is a known phenomenon. But did you hear about the Monday sickness? A study led by the consultant firm Mercer shows that more than a third of all sick days are taken on a Monday. Apparently, the idea of starting a new week isn’t the best motivation booster for most workers. On a more optimistic note, it looks like the weekend perspective is positive for health. Indeed, research shows that Friday benefits with the lowest leave rate. One more day to go!

The healthiest workers trophy goes to: Alaska

We have to admit: going to work on cold days can be really harsh. But this finding just made us stop complaining about bad weather. For good. According to the State Indicator Report on Physical Activity, more people walk or bike to work in Alaska than any other U.S. state. In the Top 5, you’ll find Oregon, Montana, New York and Vermont. Want to check how your state is ranked? Just play with this interactive map!

In Germany, bras are mandatory

Some countries don’t mess around with hierarchy. In January 2011, the courts in Germany ruled that bosses have the right to order female employees to wear bras in the workplace – and not flashy colored ones. Surprised? This is just the beginning! They also created laws about hair, beard and fingernail length. So wherever your workplace is located, always remember our German friends when your outfit isn’t 100% perfect. And if your boss gives you problems, you can always follow this incredible woman’s lead.

In France, alcohol is forbidden at work, but not wine

Don’t drink and work. That sounds pretty reasonable. That’s why the French law made a strong statement: alcohol is forbidden at the work place… besides a few exceptions. It turns out that wine, beer and cider won’t get you in legal trouble. So cheers!

In Mexico, people work more hours than in the rest of the world

The country with highest working time average is Mexico with 2246 hours/year according to the OECD. Just after comes Costa Rica (2230 hours/year,) Korea (2113 hours/year,) and Greece (2042hours/year.) The US is exactly in the middle with its 1790 yearly hours. Want to see where your country stands? Here’s the full report.

Email addiction: the disease of the century

What if we told you that a regular white collar worker is spending on average 6 hours a day inside his inbox. Scary, don’t you think? Now, what if we told you that 70% of us do it while watching TV, 50% while resting in bed, 42% in the bathroom and 18% while driving. Yes, this already sounds dangerous. Now that you know, we’re sure you’ll pay more attention to where and when you go over your emails. And so will we.

Super Bowl fever in the U.S is just real

If football is a religion for many Americans, Super Bowl is basically Xmas. And who wants to work on Xmas? That’s probably the explanation for the fact that millions of Americans are sick the day after the Big Game. Oh, yes, the cherry on top: it’s also a Monday. It’s like the God of vacations made a conspiracy against his evil twin brother Labor God. The only question left is: which side are you on?

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