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Design Inspiration \ SEP 12th 2016

7 Free Online Tools To Create Stunning Social Media Visuals

The dynamics of online communication is constantly changing, and now the web is becoming more visual every day. With billions of social media users flooding the internet with images that demand your constant attention, written content is simply not enough to stand out. You need clear, precise and meaningful visuals in order to get noticed, and there are great tools to help you with just that. 

Tools to Create Stunning Visuals for Social Media

We know not everyone is lucky enough to have access to a team of graphic designers on hand, or the time to learn advanced Photoshop skills. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of free killer online design tools you can utilize for your own website, blog or social media accounts. Just like our awesome website builder, you can create stunning visuals including animations with a few simple clicks.

Without further ado, here are our top free online design tools:

1. Infogr.am – Create Beautiful Infographics

A well-designed infographic can captivate a reader by communicating complex information quickly and clearly. Infogr.am focuses specifically on this by providing more than 35 different charts and over 200 different maps to present your data in the most effective manner possible. There are over 20 ready made designs to get you started, and the simple editor will let you customize your visuals to your unique style.

2. Canva – The All-In-One Designer Tool

You don’t need sophisticated design software to create beautiful work. This awesome one-stop resource offers almost everything you need to design stunning visuals for your website, social accounts, blog and even emails in just a few minutes with no prior design experience. Canva offers super easy tutorials to take your work to the next level and tons of free high-resolution images licensed under Creative Commons Zero, which means the pictures are completely free to be used for personal and commercial use.

3. Pablo – Easy Social Media Visuals

Through simplicity comes great beauty. If you love to use Buffer to share your content on social media, you will love Pablo. This free online tool offers the most essential elements and makes it incredibly easy to create stunning visuals. You can choose 25+ stylish fonts and have complete control over formatting. Have multiple social networks? Easily resize your images to fit any format and share directly from within the app or download to use it later. With Pablo you will create amazing picture based visuals that are sure to increase your social media engagement.

pablo image designer

4. Picovico – Create Beautiful Videos

Ever want an awesome video to convey your message but had no idea where to start? Picovico solves this problem by offering a free online video maker that takes your stunning photos and texts and simply converts them into a beautiful slideshow to express your story in the most meaningful way. This tool is very easy to use and provides high quality templates for you to start off with. You can even import your images from Facebook or Flickr, and add whatever music makes you feel great.

5. Quotes Cover – Fastest Quote Maker

A good quote can leave a reader with an intense emotional connection. Quotes Cover takes the best quotes in history and turns them into beautiful images to use in your social media channels. This tool already handles the typography, shape, color combination and composition for you so all you have to do is select the one you like from its vast collection. This design approach will save you time and is a lot of fun too.

6. BeFunky – Best Photo Editor

There’s no need to choose between a professional photo editor and an easy to use tool. BeFunky makes it incredibly easy to edit like a pro through smart enhancement tools build into the editor that require no prior design experience. Quickly fix poor lighting, digital noise, fuzziness, and other common problems with just a single click. Don’t underestimate this one, it’s includes powerful features and amazing photo effects like oil painting, and pop art to add extra flair with hundreds of one of a kind graphic overlays.

be funky

7. Genially – Interactive Paradise

If you’re looking to make your content interact in a whole new dimension, Genially might be for you. Not only will this powerful tool help you create stunning images, infographics, presentations and microsites, it will also enrich them with beautiful interactive effects and animations. Create amazing content with moving stories that engage your audience, all while monitoring the results in real time so you can always optimize later.

Now that you’re all set to create beautiful visuals, learn how you can create a stunning website for free!

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