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Procrastination: 5 Websites To Waste Your Time On – And Enjoy It

Procrastination /prə(ʊ)ˌkrastɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ [Noun] The action of delaying or postponing something.

Obviously, on a pathological level, this (non)activity is quite problematic, particularly in a working environment. But honestly, we all have our moments when we like to postpone some tasks just to enjoy the feeling of killing time. Some people knit, or scroll on Facebook, and others like to invent new IKEA names for their furniture (that would be us.) But most of the time, we at Wix can be found surfing the web for the coolest websites.

As you know, this blog is not only about providing you with the best tips on how to create your own stunning website, our mission is also to share with you the best Internet gems. That’s why we decided to offer you this selection of addictive websites. Get ready to procrastinate very efficiently (please appreciate the oxymoron.)

Note: if you get caught having too much fun, you can blame the messenger – we can handle it.

Create your own Star Wars intro  

“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…” just by seeing these words on the black screen, the saga’s fans shiver with excitement. And so do we. This is probably what crossed the mind of the webmaster who created this golden website. It lets you write your own Star Wars intro and share it with whoever you’d like. Yes, with the famous big yellow font moving backwards on the screen, the dramatic music and all the effects that make this opening crawl so unforgettable. Try it soon, you should.

If you like this kind of magic tool, you will love the Stranger Things generator– believe us, friends don’t lie.

Star Wars Intro Creator

Get ready for a flight

Believe you can fly? Well, it’s almost a reality (R. Kelly, we’re with you on this one). All you have to do is play this fun Aviator game. The concept is incredibly simple: you’re a pilot going around the globe in your tiny cute plane. Your goal is to avoid traps and to catch blue (UFO) boosters in order to keep flying for as long as you can – just by using your mouse as a joystick. Sound boring? Play for 5 minutes and we’ll speak again. In 5 hours.

Aviator game

Play dress up with a video-game legend

Guess Who: He’s Italian, he has a mustache and he’s the most famous plumber ever. You’re right, it’s Mario! To celebrate the birthday of this epic character, a designer decided to give him and his evil alter-ego, aka Wario, some new skins: Superman VS Lex Luthor, Batman VS the Joker and more. Just scroll the page to dress them up in famous costumes of super heroes/villains. What more can one ask for than a Wonder Woman Mario? #GeekHappiness.

Really Super Mario vs Really Super Wario

Dancing with Gifs

Forget about Google, Facebook and Amazon. The Internet was created to give birth to this kind of website. The recipe? A cup of crazy Gifs, a pinch of funny songs and a tbsp of insane backgrounds. The result is just mind blowing. Of course, it’s ridiculous, and yes, the added value of this website to the intellect of humankind is highly questionable. But look: a good laugh is priceless. And that matters.

gif dance party

Test your movie culture

Let’s play a game: You’re entering a garage filled with references to 66 cult movies. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: connect all the clues to the film they come from. So the DeLorean is easy, the graffiti of V for Vendetta is pretty obvious, but very quickly, this is getting more interesting. Where is this garden gnome from again? If you solve it entirely (without cheating), you’ll have our eternal respect – for what it’s worth.


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The Wix Team
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