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Did somebody press the fast-forward button? With August already in full swing, now’s the time to book your last minute summer getaway before the fall rolls around. Fortunately, it’s super easy to book a last minute vacation with the help of Wix Hotels’ online booking system. We’ve compiled some of the best vacation spots to help give you that recharge you need. Can’t get out of town?  Not to worry, we’ve included some local attractions and touring services that give stay-cation a whole new meaning.

Marco Art Hotel

Who’s in the mood for a Euro-trip? Munich’s Marco Art Hotel has a modern feel we couldn’t resist. One look at their photo gallery and you’ll run to pack your bags. Oh, and be sure to pack a swimsuit so you can take a dip in their pool after a jam-packed day in the bustling city.

Bella Vista

Ciao Bella! Arriving at Bella Vista’s stunning website helped us escape right into the Sicilian countryside. Their gorgeous use of parallax scrolling brought their hotel to life; from a close up shot of a decadent cannoli that had our mouths watering, to the gorgeous view their property boasts, we’re already signing up for Italian lessons so we can fit right in. 

Art City Worldwide

If you need a hand exploring the hidden spots of your next vacation destination, look no further than Art City Worldwide. They’ll be offering killer travel adventures in LA, New York, San Francisco, London and Amsterdam within the next year. From walking tours to visits to local art studios, every trip includes a chance to be part of a documentary film. Better get your name on that wait-list! 

Home Sweet Home

Sometimes when you’re planning your vacation, you want more of just a home away from home rather than a big to-do. Well, at France’s Home Sweet Home, you can choose from three uniquely styled rooms fit for comfort, relaxation and fun. Take a closer look at the photo gallery for every room and start to feel that vacation vibe seep in. Our favorite part? Their private spa services offered onsite. 

Central Park Tours Penguin Tours

Headed over to the Big Apple? You’re probably planning a visit to the most visited urban park in the US. That’s right, we’re talking about Central Park.  Penguin Tours of Central Park offers pedicab tours ,which is a super fun and unique way to experience the park and all it has to offer. Choose from their options of the lower loop or experience the whole park and its’ wonder.

Island Luxury Travel

Close your eyes and get ready to escape to paradise. On second thought, you’ll need to keep your eyes open so you don’t miss Island Luxury Travel’s gorgeous video backgrounds. If you want to experience Tahiti, Hawaii and New Zealand the right way, you’ll want to consult with these experts.

Immanuel Wilderness Lodge

For those seeking a real adventure, consider Immanuel Wilderness lodge located in the Namibian Savannah. This family-run lodge has earned a collection of rave reviews and well-deserved Tripadvisor awards. For those who prefer to know exactly what to expect before arriving, they’ve got amazing 360° virtual tours of their accommodations, lobby, restaurant and surrounding property.

La Vera Italy

Tuscany is a popular vacation destination, but La Vera Italy’s villa really does it right.  One look at the landscape photos on their homepage  and we were ready to book our flights.  Explore the villa’s gorgeous rooms, take in that poolside view and meet your hosts right on their website to help prepare for your trip.

Sea Breeze Panormos

Is there anything more exotic than a Greek vacation? The four properties that make up Sea Breeze of Mykonos is your quintessential vacation spot and after browsing their website, you’ll know why. Get a close-up look at the romantic views, pristine accommodations and learn about what this magical island has to offer you.

Playa Venao

Some people want to go on vacation and simply relax on the beach, while others are looking for more of an adventure. Luckily, at Playa Venao, you can do both. Post up next to their infinity pool or take advantage of their two and a half miles of beach if you’re looking to get your surf on. Book right on their website and start the vacation planning!

River Ranch

It’s easy to escape into the wilderness when you enter River Ranch’s website and are immediately greeted by a baby deer in the woods.  Their use of video backgrounds helps transport you straight into the forest where you can find their suites and their hand-hewn log cabin lodge. Planning to stay for a while? Check out their restaurant recommendations and the local spots not to miss.

The Penthouse in the Sky

Everyone loves a luxury penthouse and this New England treasure definitely doesn’t disappoint. Watch the tour of this sprawling space or check out their stunning photo gallery and you’ll be ready to book your visit. Whether you want to hit the slopes or relax by the lake house,  their team is waiting to hear from you so they can help you plan your custom itinerary for a vacation you’ll never forget.

The Penthouse Dubai

Speaking of luxury penthouses, if hopping on a plane and jet setting is appealing to you, be sure to make a pit stop at the Penthouse Dubai. Did we mention you probably shouldn’t have a fear of heights? In the heart of the Dubai Marina, the Penthouse is atop the third highest building in the world. Every photo in their gallery is more breathtaking than the next and includes a lengthy description of every room and all the amenities you can expect.

Turtle Bay Eco Resort

Located in the Cayos Cochinos archipelago, Turtle Bay Eco Resort takes their responsibility of protecting their piece of paradise very seriously. And you can tell! Scrolling through their website certainly got us warmed up for a tropical vacation. Feel adventurous? Sign up for their diving classes and then unwind in one of their gorgeous rooms minutes from the ocean.  Want more? Be sure to check out their Instagram to get the local feel.

Top Geres 

Portuguese tour operator, Top Geres, will help you find the perfect hideaway in Gerês. They’ve got access to some of the most beautiful homes and bungalows for whatever your budget. You can even plan your day trips, outdoor activities and of course, all your local eats.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook to find out what promotions they’re offering and for some close-up shots of some seriously stunning property.

By Jillian Altit

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