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Web Design \ AUG 8th 2016

How Design Affects Your Daily Life

Design – it’s a broad term. For the web obsessed (or website builder obsessed like us,) the first thing that comes to mind might be graphic design, but there are so many other spaces that this word enriches. Whether we’re aware of it or not, design surrounds us, and can be found in the tiniest of places and items.

Here are just 5 examples of things that design has forever changed, and for the better.

Fashion – How the Bikini Changed Everything

It’s no secret that trends in fashion come and go, but every once in awhile, something happens in fashion that challenges our values and ideals. In 1946 the first ever bikini was revealed, and the world collectively gasped. Once shamed and ridiculed for showing even an elbow on the beach, women were suddenly making the choice to wear what they wanted. What came from design grew a social revolution, and fashion design continues to push envelopes and make us think to this day.

Fashion Design

Interior design – How the Open Layout Brought Families Closer Together

What has almost become a standard in newly constructed homes today, the open layout is a newer concept in interiors.
The kitchen was once a very separate space from the rest of the home, and was where the hired help or women would prepare meals. With new technology came a new era, and kitchens were no longer the dangerous places of the past. The open layout ushered in not only a different take on how to design a space, it brought people together. Now the place everyone comes together, the kitchen and the living space, have been combined and help strengthen families and their bonds every day.

Interior design

Web Design – How the Face of the Web Has Reached New Standards

When the web was born, our expectations of what it should look like didn’t exist – we simply accepted it as it was given to us, and marveled at the possibilities this new technology could bring. Today, however, we’ve come to appreciate fine design from… well, unrefined. Now that we know it’s easy to create a beautiful website (for example,) when we come across a site that’s design is left in the past, we can’t help but question it’s professionalism. The web and it’s changing design has made us more discerning consumers, and more informed buyers – a lot thanks to our new eye for web design.

Web Design - How the Face of the Web Has Reached New Standards

Technology – How The Smartphone Design Put Everything in the Palm of Our Hands

Before we all had iPhones and Androids, we used to look to numerous locations and outlets to get our news, entertainment, information, shopping and so much more. Once the smartphone was born, it’s micro tech and super sleek design meant we could do it all with the swipe of a finger.
But it didn’t stop there – web design has adapted to match the tiny screen, with websites and apps making mobile-friendly a priority.

Architecture – How Great Structures Made Us Look to the Sky

The Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, The Empire State Building – before they were constructed, these structures were once merely the thing of dreams. Their completion changed our perception of what we were capable of and, suddenly, we realized the limit wasn’t even the sky, it was beyond the moon. To this day new marvels of architecture are erected, pushing the boundaries of what is beautiful, and what is possible.


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