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Small Business Tips \ AUG 4th 2016

10 Ways to Earn Your Buyer’s Trust

When it comes to shopping online, most consumers need to feel secure and comfortable before they make a purchase. Creating an online store is now easier than ever, but earning your buyer’s trust takes some additional steps – and can make all the difference when it comes to sales. If you’ve got a killer product, showcasing it with a beautiful website is the very first step.

Here are the 10 steps you should do next in order to turn casual browsers into active buyers.

Strut Your Stuff

So you’ve got an idea for a business and you’re ready to open up shop. What’s your first step? Create a stunning website, of course. Once you build your online store and showcase what you’re selling, beautify it to the max. From choosing one of our free website templates to creating a seamless browsing experience, the more attractive your site is, the more likely it is that visitors will label you as a legitimate and reliable business. Arriving to a site with clear messaging and a beautiful design gives buyers the feeling that your business is one they can trust, making them more likely to buy.

Share Your Praise

Do you have customers that just love to gush over your business? Then it’s time to put it all out there. Posting rave reviews from your customers is a surefire way to make a buyer feel secure. An app like Customer Reviews or Inffuse Testimonials allows your buyers to share their positive experiences and is a great way to show off your credibility.

Get Social

A simple way to reach your users and prove you’re the real deal? Step up your social media game. Flaunt your newest products on Pinterest, chat up a buyer in distress, or give visitors a sneak peak into what goes on behind the scenes by sharing your Instagram feed. Consistency on your social channels allows you to build a rapport with your consumers and helps you to show your fun side. At the end of the day, buyers want to know that there is a human on the other side of the screen so let your personality shine through.

Another great way to keep your customers up to date? Send newsletters using Wix ShoutOut promoting your latest collection or simply just to say hello. A business in constant contact with their buyers goes a long way in establishing reliability.

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Communicate in Real Time

Let’s say you’re doing some online shopping and you’ve run into a problem at checkout. You’re dying to make the purchase, but you need an answer before you can continue. Most likely you’ll have to contact customer support via email or over the phone and wait some time before you get a response. Bummer! While there’s no denying that having an email your visitors can contact is super important, you run the risk of losing the sale if you don’t respond in a timely manner. An easy solution? Online chat. Consider adding an online chat app like Tidio Live Chat, to help you connect with your visitors in real time. Your most demanding users will get immediate responses and you’ll establish yourself as being totally accessible. In addition, a robust help desk software can be of use to support all of those budding customers.

Answer Questions Before They Even Ask

When it comes to eCommerce, it’s important to think ahead of possible scenarios a buyer can go through. As a business owner, a simple way to earn trust is to show your customers you’re one step ahead of them. Creating an FAQ page or adding the Wix FAQ app to break down the questions a user may have, shows you’ve got their back and empowers your visitors to seek help themselves. Prove that there is no issue that would throw a rockstar like you off your game by outlining all of the solutions for your visitors.

Introduce Yourself

We can’t stress the importance of showing off who you are! A buyer will trust your business when they see faces of real people, so think of a creative way to spotlight who you’ve got working behind the scenes to bring your consumers their oh-so enjoyable shopping experience.

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Make Your Policies Clear

Want your customers coming back for more? Of course you do! Creating a policy page will encourage your buyers to shop again, so be clear about your shipping and delivery process, including cost and time frame. Want to know a big secret keeping your customers happy? A smooth return experience. While you may think that users returning a purchase is bad for business, it’s actually the opposite. The majority of buyers will shop again if they’re satisfied with their return experience. Make sure you have your return policy clearly defined on your website and provide a smooth process every time. Your buyers will see that you’re true to your word and they’ll be more apt to shop again.

Make Yourself Available

Showing that you’re accessible means that you welcome communication, whichever way it comes in. Beef up your connect tab and provide an email address, phone number, online forum, and of course, build up your presence on social media. Encourage your users to connect through a contact form so they can provide feedback and ask questions.

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Be Transparent

If you’re not afraid of a little competition, prove your business stands ahead of the pack by adding an app like Compare Ninja. You can set up a comparison table breaking down what your products offer and what your competitors offer. A company that is confident in their product and confident in the way they do business is a company people can trust.

Blog About It

Whether you’re selling bicycles or baby clothes, take the time to talk about your business through a blog. Writing about the industry you’re in shows that you’re an expert in the know. Have you heard what they happen to say about experts? You can trust them! It’s time to hammer home the point that your buyers can count on you for not only buying products they love, but for being a source of new and reliable information.

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Ready to rake in new business? Create an online store today!

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