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Small Business Tips \ JUL 29th 2016

Wix App Market Testimonials: How Wix Apps Helped My Business Grow

When we hear the word ‘apps’ we immediately think of our smartphones. But web apps exist too, and they’re used so much throughout the web that you might not even be aware how often you see and use them.

The Wix website builder platform understands the power of the web app, and offers tons of options ranging from serious business tools like email marketing to fun interactive ones like countdown clocks. With over 250 apps, the Wix App Market has something for just about every website owner.

But we wanted to hear it from the source. That’s why we asked some Wix website owners to tell us a bit about their own experience with the apps they downloaded, and how they’ve affected their business. As it turns out, one little app make can all the difference. Here’s how, in their own words:

Jessica Hansen, www.fearlessplugs.com

Business type: eCommerce

Apps used: Get Subscribers, Instagram, Gift Cards

Fearless Plugs provides fun, creative and custom designed jewelry at an affordable price, all available through their Wix website using Wix Stores.

Why did you add the Get Subscribers, Instagram Feed and Gift Card apps to your website?

In retail it is very important to stay in tune with your customers, this is why I added the Get Subscribers app. Whenever I write a blog or send out a newsletter, I am able to easily let them know what is going on in the shop. I also like this app because when someone subscribes and they automatically get a coupon for their first purchase, helping keep the customer interested and rooting a possible sale.

Instagram has always been an important marketing platform for my business – it opens you up to the entire world with a simple hashtag. The Instagram Feed app is a great way to connect your website and social media. When customers see that we’re on Instagram they usually follow since we post multiple times a day, showcasing our products and deals.

We added Gift Card to our website due to the type of products we sell, it’s a great option for people who are shopping for someone else. Gift Card enables them to pick the amount they want and easily give it to their friend or family member.

Gift Card

Did you see any differences after adding the apps?

Instagram definitely; I am gaining followers daily! With Get Subscribers, I see a difference as well. What really helps is when I send out a newsletter, I am able to view the insights of who views or clicks on the link within it. With those stats I am able to see what the customer is interested in. I haven’t had a customer purchase a Gift Card just yet, but it’s great to give the option and I know it will come in handy during the holiday seasons.

Would you recommend these apps to other business owners?

Definitely. It is always good to have options for your customers. Not all customers are the same so to have multiple outlets for them to follow your business is very important.

John Noah Pertew & Ruth Trujillo-Pertew, www.batchorganics.com

Business type: eCommerce

Apps used: Get Subscribers, Wix ShoutOut

BATCH offers a very specific product line where only certified organic ingredients are used without fillers, synthetics, salts, or alcohols. They sell their heavenly products online using Wix Stores.

Why did you add the Get Subscribers and Wix ShoutOut apps to your website?

Our business requires a big investment in order to formulate products with a full concentration of certified organic oils, herbs, and extracts, and it’s reflected in the retail cost. Utilizing Wix Stores and by adding the Get Subscribers and Wix ShoutOut apps, we’re able to show retail and wholesale clients the difference of BATCH products vs. other natural and organic brands, offer them a discount for shopping online, and contact them directly with product updates and special offers. Maintaining communication with our subscribers on a regular basis is key.

Did you see any differences after adding the app?

I honestly did not have any expectations at first, but was curious how well it would work using a delayed and simple subscriber pop-up. Now I receive subscribers almost every day and I can incentivize subscribing by offering 15% off their purchases, then maintain contact with subscribers and new customers throughout the year.

Would you recommend this app to other business owners?

I would 100% recommend them and have already recommended these apps to other entrepreneurs, friends, and family that mention opening up a website or online store. We have been using Wix for years now and we love their excellent customer service and dedication to improving and modernizing their platform. It helps us work more efficiently and provide a professional experience for our customers.

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