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Design Inspiration \ JUL 20th 2016

12 Stunning Website Templates You Can’t Miss in 2016

This is the year to make strong statements, and we’ve worked effortlessly to find the best and boldest solutions for our creative users to showcase their content in glorious ways. Today, we present our most extraordinary website templates, combined with advanced tools and the latest trends, to help make your site as compelling as possible.

Can’t wait to try it out? Here is our latest collection of stunning templates:

The Boxer

Showcase your killer instinct with superb full-width images and a long scroll that rolls with the punches. This template has everything you need and adapts easily to any circumstance. Not only is this site easy to navigate, the booking feature makes it incredibly simple for your clients to schedule a session with you. All that is left is for you to throw your hat in the ring and knock out the competition.

The Boxer Website Template WIX

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The Food Feed

If your passion for food matches your love for writing then this is the perfect template for you. The appetizing images are just the cherry on top of this beauty. The font combinations, minimalist layout, and floating footer make this design truly unique. Starting your blog will be a piece of cake!

The Food Feed Website Template WIX

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Tech Startup

Far from a simple landing page, this startup template includes a modern video background and smooth anchor navigation that will present your offering in style. As always, the entire page can be personalized to your needs. Most suited for the technological niche, once planted, this seed will sprout and grow to set a new industry benchmark.

Startup Landing Page Website Template WIX

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Fashionista Blog

If you know your neats from your box-pleats then this fashionista blog is definitely right for you. Writing about fashion is difficult enough. New trends, materials, and cuts appear every week. That is why we styled this beautiful template after a catwalk, so you can focus on writing and alleviating some of that runway pressure. Starting your blog now is as easy as chasin’ jeans.

Fashionista Blog Website Template WIX

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Elementary School

This elementary school template includes a clean and modern design, perfect for introducing visitors to the school’s mission and spirit. Post your latest updates, and upload important documents to help students and parents find educationally worthwhile information with a minimum of wasted time and wandering. Because as B. Franklin said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

Elementary School Website Template WIX

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The Spa

Serenity is a visually stunning and wonderfully creative website template that lives up to its name. And yes, the cinemagraphs are as beautiful as they are relaxing. The best part is that it runs flawlessly and gracefully on every kind of device and screen size. There are dozens of terrific layout combinations and slideshows to help showcase a wide range of information, making it both nimble and versatile. It will only take a few light touches to let your visitors escape with their senses.

The Spa Website Template WIX

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Vegetarian Restaurant

Take a long scrolling navigation, add an appetizing menu, a touch of parallax effect, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for your restaurant’s website. The fact that this template looks so mouthwatering means your guests will savor every moment as they slice through the easy to use online ordering feature. Now the only missing ingredient is your personal touch.

Vegetarian Restaurant Website Template Wix

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Traveler Blog

Travel brings power and love back to your life, and there’s no better way to tell it all than a traveler’s blog. Delight and inform your readers with this refreshing website template, ideal for anyone who wants a modern, elegant, and stunning solution for high-resolution content. Your only trouble might be deciding where to start your journey first.

Traveler Blog Website Template Wix

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Investment Firm

Investment firm is a powerful long scroll template that incorporates an impressive full-width parallax ready to be customized with a large roster of features. This cleverly designed website is easily adaptable to any niche, so you never have to start from scratch, and will always impress your clients. Investing in this is a sure thing, all that’s left is making it big!

Investment Firm Website Template _site

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Fitness Coach

Give up or get up. We know you will choose the latter, which is why the inspiration for this design was born out of motion. The real world does not forgive mediocrity so we pumped this fitness website template full of juice to get things moving. With a striking homepage and a powerful online booking feature, it is sure to embody your brand perfectly. Just do it.

Fitness Coach Website Template Wix

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Culinary Blog

Cooking with love provides food for the soul while sharing your love for food feeds the rest of us. This culinary blog is superbly versatile and beautiful, allowing your content to stand out and shine as much as you do in the kitchen. Start now and let everyone know what’s cooking.

Culinary Blog Website Template WIx

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Street Fashion Blog

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak, but in case you do want to share the posh within you, we’ve created the perfect fashion blog template for you! Street Fashion is a fresh and stylish design that combines the best of all worlds. With high-resolution images and smooth effects, this website will be as chic as you are.

Street Fashion Blog Website Template WIX

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Want to try these out? Create your free stunning website today!

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