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Small Business Tips \ JUN 22nd 2016

The Art of Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

As a business owner, creative professional, freelancer, entrepreneur or marketing expert, you find yourself making sales pitches probably more often than you realize. Even when you create a website, a powerful sales pitch is one element that can impact your site’s successful performance.

A strong sales pitch can leverage any type of conversation into a potential sale, which is why you want to have one handy at any given moment. Each sales pitch is different, yet there are several guidelines you can follow that will help you create stronger sales pitches. Let’s get started:

The Art of Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

Talk to Your Audience(s)

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to a sales pitch. A message that resonates perfectly with one group of people might be completely off with others. A cohesive and unified message should guide your “meta” sales pitch, but you want to keep it dynamic and elastic enough to be able to customize it for various listeners.

Your tone of voice, the length of the pitch, the examples you refer to, the world of associations you work with – all of these are variants that depend on who you are speaking to. Take into account the audience’s relationship with you, their level of expertise, their potential interest or relevance to your business, as well the settings in which you are speaking.

Aim for Their Minds, Not Their Wallets

If you want to win loyal clients or make long-term partnerships, don’t simply try to sell them a product or a service – sell them an idea. Compose your sales pitch around something more profound than the immediate deal that’s currently on the table and you will find that your audience is more confident about doing business with you.

Declutter the Message

When people put a lot of time and thought into their work they tend to develop a certain language around it. The problem is that they often forget that this language is virtually unknown to “outsiders,” people who are not familiar with the contours and the professional lingo of a specific industry, or with the unique work culture of a specific company.

Your sales pitch should be accessible not only to a cadre of experts. As you work on it, try to clean the message from this type of terminology. A good way to make this work is to practice on friends who have minimal experience with your line of work.

Make It Memorable

You know that a sales pitch is successful when your audience can repeat it themselves to other listeners. This is a sign that they have understood and internalized your message. To get to that point there are two things you could try:

Storytelling: People love a good story, and are more likely to hear out and remember a narrative rather than data and stats.

Relatability: If your listeners are able to identify with your message personally, your sales pitch will be more accessible to them.


Think Timing

There’s an important element of performance to sales pitches. Just like a good joke, you don’t want to ruin the pitch by giving away the punchline too soon. On the other hand, if you drag it out too long your listeners might lose interest and focus. Timing is crucial in the delivery of a sales pitch. Even though it’s not easy to nail timing right away, you can definitely improve it by paying attention to people’s reactions to your pitch.

Write It Down

Even if you are very confident in what you want to say, it can’t hurt to put down the content of your sales pitch in writing. Whether you choose to use brief bullet-points or to write full sentences, don’t skip this important step. It will force you to focus your thoughts better and streamline your message more efficiently.

Rehearse, But Stay Natural

The same logic goes for practicing and rehearsing the sales pitch. Actually saying it out loud to yourself will not only help you improve the delivery of the pitch, it can strengthen the content of it as well. When you rehearse, you might notice sentences that sound clunky, redundant or unclear. You might hear word combinations that just don’t work well, and it will force you to refine your message.

However, you most definitely want to avoid a situation in which your sales pitch sounds too automated. There is such a thing as “too good to be true,” so don’t compromise your authenticity and risk losing reliability.

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