How to Boost Your SEO With the Perfect URL

Whether you’re setting up a website for your business, your band or your photography portfolio, one of the most important elements of your site is your URL. Sure, you’re spending the bulk of your time beautifying your website and adding all of the elements that help to create your online presence so your URL may not be your top priority right now.

Well, we’re here to tell you that your URL is more important than you might have thought.  Aside from being an address that’s easy for your audience to remember, your URL is part of your branding, your overall aesthetic and most importantly, it’s crucial to your SEO.

Why is SEO Important?

Simply put, if you want your website to be found online then you need to have killer SEO. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry! Your Wix site comes equipped with everything you need to have the best SEO for your website. Inside the Wix Editor you can easily customize your site title, site description and keywords to ensure your site is found. In addition to an Editor chock full of tools to amp up your SEO, including the awesome and free Wix SEO Wiz, Wix makes it easy to shorten your URL with just one click.

That’s right, everything will be automatically redirected so you can just sit back and relax while your URL gets cleaned. Ready for an SEO boost? Here’s what you need to know in order to create the perfect URL.

Wait, what’s a URL?

Already feeling lost? Let’s back up a minute. A URL is the term for a website address you’re familiar with, like this one: This is not to be confused with a domain name, which is the name and extension you used to register for a website or an email address, which in our case is The domain doesn’t include any type of page within your site, it’s simply your name. Once you register your domain, you’ll need to build your website and find a host for it, which by the way, is super easy to do with Wix.

How to Choose the Perfect Domain

Now that you’ve got the backstory, let’s figure out how to choose the best domain name for you. There’s a simple format you should follow in order to create your domain name. First, you’ll want to include your business name and if you’d like, an additional keyword. It’s important to keep the domain short and memorable and without any kind of special character or abbreviations (for example, weddings4u).

The domain you choose is important for your SEO. Search engines use the domain name you create to try and understand what your website is about, so be clear when crafting your name. Lastly, you want to have the proper domain extension. Are you a .com or a .org? There are a slew of options for you to choose from depending on the nature of your website.

How to Customize the URL for Your Pages

So how does it all get done? Let’s take a look at this Wix user’s URL for example:

There’s a clear format followed, which is: Domain + Page Name

In this case, the domain name is and the page name is ‘shop’. The same can be said for your About Us page and your Contact page. If you’re a Wix user, all you have to do is click here to clean the URL of your pages. They’ll be automatically cleaned so that all special characters are removed. That’s right, we’re talking hashbangs, exclamation points, page IDs, etc. You’ll be left with exactly what you need, which is just your Domain + Page Name. And if you have subpages like products or blog articles within your site, that remains clean and clearly written as well.

First, clean your site URL so that you can customize your page URLs by changing your page names. Simply open up the Wix Editor and find the Page you want to edit. Then select ‘Page SEO’ and under the section title ‘What’s the Page URL’ fill in the new name you’d like. It’s best to use a keyword in your page name that describes the specific page you’re renaming. Remember, your page URL should be as close as possible to the title that will be seen on Google. Not clear on what we’re talking about? Check out this article on how to optimize your SEO in under one hour.

Note: it may take a few moments to clean all of your site’s page. Don’t panic! When you see your page is loading, that means it’s hard at work.

Your Finished Product

Once you’ve got your website set up and you have your very own clean URLs, you can check your pages stats on Universal Analytics. Another service that you’ll have access to is Adwords Express, an advertising tool that can be extremely useful for small businesses. Check them out and let us know what you think!

By Jillian Altit

Community Manager

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