Be Apple | How to Make Your Website Look Like the Big Brands

Move over, Apple…because your small business is the next big thing! While you may not be a household name just yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t build a website that blows people away! That’s right, you can have a site that impresses everyone who sees it, accentuates how professional you are and looks like a million bucks!

When it comes to web design, there’s no need to settle for a second-rate design that screams “amateur!” And since you like to have your cake and eat it too, you’ll really like this swanky new website without having to shell out a huge wad of cash, right? Good news! With the help of our free website builder and the tips below, you can create a site that ranks on par with Apple, Nike and all the top companies.

Follow the hottest trends

Big name brands regularly update their websites to keep up with the latest trends in web design. Since even less web-savvy audiences can quickly spot an outdated website, companies know that having modern visuals and effects on their site is an important way to impress customers and showcase their products.

Using Wix, you can create a free website with cutting-edge design features such as parallax scrolling, flat design, video backgrounds and long pages with anchor menus. If you are looking for some design inspiration, check out Dribble, Behance or siteInspire to stay on top of what’s hot in web design (and read our Blog right here).

Establish your brand

Major companies have clearly established branding and designated target markets. They use everything from fonts, colors and the tone of their content to emphasize their brand and speak directly to their audience. Large, successful companies like Apple or Coca-Cola will use consistent branding in all of their marketing efforts, from websites and TV commercials to social media and print ads.

Even if you’re a small business, you should think about your branding and your potential clients whenever you are working on marketing materials. Create a coherent voice that will resonate with your customers, and find a logo, color scheme and images to match. Clear branding will help past customers recognize your business while simultaneously helping you attract new business.

Less is more

We know you’ve got lots you want to say on your website, but the truth is that, when it comes to web design, less is more. This goes not only for content but colors, fonts and images as well. Websites that are stuffed with too many design elements often look messy and can be overwhelming to visitors, so keep it simple.

Give your design “room to breathe” by leaving white space around each element. (Learn more about white space and other professional design tips here.) You don’t need to tell visitors every detail about how your business was founded. Instead, keep your text short and to the point, and ask site visitors for just one clear request, known as a Call to Action. For example, “Shop now!” “Join our mailing list” or “Visit our store.” A minimal design will help you keep your customers’ attention focused on the most important aspect of your messaging and your site.

Put your products in the spotlight

To sell like a pro, you want your products to look irresistible! If you have an eCommerce website, your products should take center stage on your homepage. Then, make it obvious to your visitors where they need to click to buy your wares.

Next, settle for nothing less than amazing product photography on your site. Since customers can’t touch and hold items when they’re shopping online, they have to rely on images to convince them to make a purchase. In addition to taking the time to post fantastic photos of each item in your online store, we recommend letting your shoppers zoom in on each option. You can do this easily using the Wix eCommerce gallery. Another tip is to make sure that your images accurately represent your products. If customers receive something that is very different from what is depicted on your site, they won’t likely return to shop with you any time soon.

Make navigation a no-brainer

Ever get frustrated shopping in an unfamiliar and disorganized supermarket? With dairy products mixed in with the baking goods, not being able to find what you are looking for can send you sprinting for the door. Same goes for web design! Professional web designers know that a big key to a successful site is making it easy for customers to find their way around.

To help your customers find what they are looking for, make sure your menu is clear and organized. If you have a complex site with many pages, consider including a menu of links in your footer as well. On long scrolling websites, you can include anchor links that will take your visitors to the exact spot on the page where they want to be. And remember to always make your Call to Action super obvious. Within moments after landing on your website, visitors should know just what it is that you want them to do and where they should click to get there!

Provide support

In a local business, a great salesperson will chat with their customers, offer tips on what to buy and answer any questions their customers might have. But while you can’t be there live with the people browsing your website, there are still plenty of ways to offer them top-notch support.

The more accessible you are online, the more you will be able to reassure your customers and successfully close sales. In addition to your Contact page, include your email, phone number and address in your website header. Consider including features on your site such as an FAQ page, an online forum or a chat app where customers can contact you immediately. The Wix App Market is full of tools to help make it easy for you and your customers to communicate, even from thousands of miles away.

Build trust in your business

You’ve let your customers know that you’re there when they need you, but you also want to use your website to boost your credibility and establish your business as trustworthy. To help visitors connect to your business and brand, include a detailed About page that lets your softer, more personal side shine through. This page is an amazing opportunity to establish a human connection with your readers. Write the “inside” story of your business and consider highlighting your staff members with photos and bios.

When possible, your site should also incorporate testimonials, user reviews and newspaper articles about your business. Visitors reading these will get a stronger sense of your brand identity. Plus, when the rave reviews come from others, they are that much more reliable! Use these tools to further define your brand, set yourself apart from competitors and flaunt your business’s unique personality.

Be mobile

It’s a fact. More than half of web traffic today comes from mobile devices. That means having an easy-to-navigate, super-stunning mobile website is no longer an option. Your mobile site needs to be just as stellar as your desktop one.

Using the Wix Mobile Editor, you can create a customized, mobile-optimized version of your site. Use the simple drag and drop editor to eliminate unnecessary text and design elements and make sure your Call to Action is easily spotted.


Beef up your social media streams

One of the tricks to looking like you’re a big league player is to have a strong online presence. In today’s competitive online market, a website alone is not enough; you need to be active on social media as well. From Facebook and LinkedIn to Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, you want to get your business and brand out there on as many channels as possible.

Next, make sure to flaunt what you’ve got on your website! Include links to all of  your social media profiles in your website’s header, footer and Contact page. Consider using an app like Tint to add a live social media stream to your website’s homepage. Your customers will be impressed that you’re on top of your game and may well start following you or sharing your posts.

By The Wix Team

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