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Web Design \ MAY 19th 2016

Instagram’s New Design: What Website Owners Can Learn From It

Google, Airbnb, Facebook. All the big brands have given their logos a fresh look over the years. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is none other than everyone’s favorite photo-sharing app, Instagram. But Insta didn’t just update their logo, they gave their overall design a major facelift – and everyone is talking about it.

Whether you’re a fan of the changes or not, there are important lessons website owners can learn from Instagram’s design shift. Here are the major takeaways.

Instagram’s New Design: What Website Owners Can Learn From It

Logos Aren’t Forever

Back in 2010, Instagram’s retro looking logo was in line with the skeuomorphism trend. But in internet time, six years might as well be sixty. They ditched the vintage camera and opted instead to utilize flat design for a more modern looking camera icon. They also incorporated a gradient – one of today’s hottest trends.

Just because they went bold doesn’t mean you have to. If you’re thinking of changing up your old logo, you can choose to simply tweak and refine it to look more modern and adhere to your brand’s newer aesthetic. Or, you can take a page from Instagram’s book and change things up completely.

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Minimalism Is Back In A Big Way

Heard of UX? It’s a magical place where web design meets functionality. Instagram realized that they could improve their user’s experience (UX) by opting for a classic black and white backdrop and using icons that leave no question marks as to what actions they represent. The end result makes for a more seamless experience, which will likely have people spending more time on the app.

In the chaos that has become the web, going minimal in your design can count for a lot. More and more people are looking for cleaner web spaces that aren’t oversaturated with unnecessary frills and content (you’ll want to avoid these design disasters, for instance.) Keep this in mind when you’re thinking of reworking your own website, or creating a new one.

Product Is Everything

In other words, there needs to be one major focal point. In Instagram’s case, their main interest was to showcase their user’s photos. And by dialing everything else down (cue that minimalist, black and white design we just discussed), they did just that.

Whether you have an online store, music website, online portfolio or any other kind of site, you can do the same. It’s all about finding what it is you want to highlight. Online store? Put your products front and center. Music website? Make sure all roads lead to your music player or epk. Online portfolio? Organize your photos into a stunning gallery that can’t be ignored.

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Testing Things Is Key

The web is a dynamic place, and you won’t get anywhere fast by sitting still. In order to stay relevant and compete with other giants like Snapchat, Instagram had to make some moves. The lesson here? Changing up your design scheme is a great way to keep things fresh and interesting, mature your brand, or even reinvent it. And this doesn’t only affect the way it looks.

As a website owner, you’ll never know what works best unless you’re constantly trying new things. Every update you make can actually improve your site visitor’s experience, which can have a similarly positive effect on your click-through rates, and even profits. The important thing is to monitor the changes you’ve made carefully, so if something isn’t working as well as before, you can revert back to what it was, or try something else. Optimizing your online presence is an ongoing process.

Embrace The Marketing Opportunity

Ever notice how everyone freaks out when Facebook makes a slight change to the look of their news feed? If you think that Instagram’s latest design change was for aesthetic reasons alone, you’re mistaken. The design change was a great way to create buzz and get people talking. Even if people aren’t in love with the new look, it’s still garnering interest.

Whether or not your business has the same huge following as Insta, you can still use it to your marketing advantage. Announce it via email newsletter, celebrate it with giveaways on your social channels, go wild! Get excited about it and others will, too – just don’t miss a chance to make a splash when the time comes.

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