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Promote Your Site \ MAY 3rd 2016

The Latest and Greatest from the Wix App Market

So you’ve built a stunning website and you’ve heard nothing but “oohs and ahhs” from the crowd. Hooray! Here at Wix, we’re firm believers that no matter how you’re doing, there’s always room for updates and improvement and the sky really is the limit. Sure, your website is totally stellar, but chances are you can still give it a boost and the Wix App Market is just the place to make it happen.

We’re here to shine a light on the newest and most popular apps in the Wix App Market that are guaranteed to give your website that little somethin’ somethin’.

5 Popular New Apps Every Website Owner Should Know About

Local Pics

Attention small business owners! Looking for a way to get your customers more involved? Local Pics is a simple way for you to share Instagram pictures taken by your customers at your business. Now you can show everyone what a fun and engaging experience you provide while telling your business’s story.

All your customers have to do is snap a photo of themselves and upload it to their Instagram. You’ll get notified when new pictures have been taken and you’ll have full control over which photos you share. Not to mention, you also have the ability to customize everything to match your stunning site.

Local Pics - Wix App Market

Conversion Popup

Looking to convert your website visitors into actual customers? It’s so much easier than you think! With Conversion Pop Up, you can greet visitors upon arrival with a beautiful pop-up prompting them to sign up for your mailing list or offer them a killer promotion. You can customize the design so it blends in seamlessly with your website and you can even add email subscribers directly to your Wix Contacts. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

But Conversion Popup is so much more than just a pop-up app. It actually tracks a visitor’s mouse movements and recognizes when a visitor moves towards the address bar to leave your site, allowing you to optimize and improve.

Sell Tickets

If you’ve been searching for a simple way to sell tickets to an event from your website, look no further! The Sell Tickets app is the easiest way for your visitors to purchase tickets in a secure and fast manner. You’ll be able to offer multi-lingual and currency support and you can customize your booking forms with the fields relevant for your event. Offer a sweet discount and receive payments straight from your Stripe or PayPal account, which integrates smoothly with the app.

Then comes the fun part! You can create a customized e-ticket email for your customers so they’re totally ready for the main event.

Sell Tickets - Wix App Market

Lumifish Pop-up

Want to grab the attention of your website visitors right when they arrive? With a custom pop-up from Lumifish Pop-Up, it couldn’t be easier. You can choose from over 15 gorgeous templates and fully customize the text and images. Whether you want to promote a holiday sale or drive traffic to another page on your site, this app really does it all.

Google Docs

One of the the easiest and fastest ways to manage your work is by using Google Docs. Whether it’s a spreadsheet or a specific type of documentation, Google Docs is pretty much everybody’s go-to. With the Google Docs app, you can simply display any doc, sheet, drawing, or slide you have right onto your Wix website. Keep your visitors engaged by granting them permissions to edit any of the files. And of course, you can customize the look and feel of your documents with your website.

Ready to kick it up a notch? Create your free website today! 

By Jillian Altit
Community Manager - About The Wix Blog

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