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19 Geeky Gadgets to Help Embrace Your Inner Geek

This may not come as a major surprise, but at Wix, we’re not exactly secretive about our geek-like tendencies. From Star Wars themed ringtones to a heated lunch conversation over the latest Sci-fi thriller, the things that are overheard in the hallways of our offices would satisfy any true-blue geek.

So, in honor of our second favorite holiday (May the 4th being first on our list, of course), Geek Day, we’ve compiled some of the best gadgets the internet has to offer that’s sure to satisfy any geek out there!

Gameboy Samsung Fridge

Keep your food chilled while paying homage to the greatest video game on the planet.

Pikatcu mattrest

You’re guaranteed to have sweet dreams on this life-sized Pikachu mattress.

Arcade iPod dock

This iPad dock allows you to play your favorite classic arcade games, too!


 Keep your most prized possessions protected with this Captain America shield backpack!

Cat Space Bed

Every pet deserves to sleep in a landspeeder bed.

Cat ears Headphones

Listening to music just got even more fun with these cat ear headphones.
Elf Ears

Accessorize in style with these fantasy Elf Ear cuffs.

Emoji bag

Today you can express yourself with just one emoji, why not wear it on your back?

Waffle Keyboard

Enjoy your breakfast with this geek-chic waffle press.

Life Necklace

How much life do you have left? Show off with this glowing Life Bar necklace.

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Are you a Stark or a Lannister? Play this game of Monopoly and find out!

Pacman Stapler

Office supplies that pay tribute to our favorite arcade game, Pacman.

Pikatchu Mug

Gotta catch ’em all! But seriously, does it get any better than this mug?

Polaroid toilet paper

Geek out your bathroom with this Polaroid toilet paper dispenser.

rubiks cube table

You won’t need to rack your brain to solve this puzzle!

R2D2 Shower head

The force will be felt in your shower.

Super Mario shelves

Have no fear – there’s no wild mushroom or killer plant in these shelves!

Tetris lamp

A customizable Tetris lamp? We’ll take two.

Walter White spoon

The baddest ‘cook’ to ever live just got a new job tossing salads.

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The Wix Team
By The Wix Team

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