Top Web Apps That Convert Site Visitors Into Clients

We all want more visitors on our website, right? But the real key to building an effective site for your business is to create a website that turns casual visitors into paying customers.

Luckily, the Wix App Market is chock full of goodies designed to do just that. Many of the apps offer tried and true ways to encourage the people who stop by your site to become loyal shoppers. Some of the apps will work for virtually any business, while others are custom-designed with specific industries in mind. So whether you’re a restaurant owner, musician, artist or massage therapist, we’ve got apps that can help boost your business. Here’s a look at the 11 best apps for turning visitors into clients.

Get Subscribers

It’s well established that email newsletters are a great way to increase business. You can use them to advertise sales, distribute coupons, thank your loyal clients or send out updates about the latest news from your business. The bigger your mailing list, the more your business can grow.

Use the Get Subscribers app on your site to quickly and simply grow your mailing list. Place the subscription form in a prominent place on your website and then customize it to match the look and feel of your site.

Every visitor who signs up on the form will automatically be added to your subscriber list. That means the next time you send out a promotional email or announce a sale, they’ll be among the first to know.

Wix Bookings

Wish your clients could schedule their appointments with you, even while you sleep? With help from the Wix Bookings App, you can collect bookings and payments online, directly from your website. Whether you’re a therapist, a music teacher, a nutritionist or more, this app lets your clients schedule appointments without having to worry about coordinating schedules or catching you on the phone. Plus, the app also sends out reminder emails before each client’s appointment, reducing the chances that they’ll forget their meeting or try to pull a no-show.

Wix Restaurants

Now here’s something revolutionary: an online ordering system that charges no commission. The newly released Wix Restaurants apps makes it easy to soup up your website with menus, online ordering, reservations and more, all while letting you keep 100% of your hard-earned cash. And when visitors can order dinner or reserve a table straight from your website, that can only mean one thing: more business! So whether you’re running a 5-star chef restaurant or a pizza joint on the corner, this app has you covered.

Wix Stores

It’s pretty obvious. Set up an online store, open it up to a global audience and your business is destined to grow. When you run a local brick and mortar shop, you’re limited to the customers in your area. But Wix Stores gives you a complete eCommerce website solution that makes it easy to create a beautiful online store and sell to anyone with an internet connection. Whether you sell products, travel deals or consulting services, you can take advantage of Wix Stores to increase your customer base. Oh, did we mention it’s commission-free? Because it is.

Wix Music

The new Wix Music app is a game-changing tool that was created with the unique needs of musicians in mind. And, you guessed it, just like all Wix offerings – it’s commission free. The benefits? Wix Music lets you sell your music straight from your website, distribute your tunes on over 120 streaming services, create a personalized EPK (electronic press kit) and sell your merch. When you make it this easy for your fans to buy your music, they’re bound to purchase. After all, who can resist your killer tunes?

Inffuse Testimonials

Testimonials are a hugely powerful tool for building credibility. When potential shoppers see positive feedback from your previous clients, they’re more likely to feel comfortable using your services or buying your products. The easy-to-use Inffuse app lets you add beautifully designed testimonials to your website so you can showcase what people are saying about your business and brand. The fully-customizable app also lets you integrate testimonials from Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.

McAfee Secure

If you’ve set up an online store, you want a way to let your customers know that your site is one they can trust. The McAfee Secure badge does just that; it provides potential clients with an extra level of assurance, increasing the chances that they’ll make purchase. After scanning your website and ensuring that it’s safe, the app adds a badge to your site.

Smart Social Icons

One key to increasing your conversion rate is to keep people on your website. While you want website visitors to check out your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter, you don’t want them to leave your website for their own personal newsfeeds. That’s what makes the Smart Social Icons app so brilliant. Add this app to your site and your users can interact with your business’s social media accounts without leaving your website.

Easy Customer Contact

When a customer walks into your store, it’s easy to answer their questions, tell them about your products and help them find just the item they are looking for. On a website, that kind of interaction can be hard to replace, but Easy Customer Contact helps you come close. The app lets you add chat, calling, texting and/or email to your website so customers can ask you questions in real time. Not available? You can put up an auto-response and get back to your customer when you have time.

Social Offers

Everybody loves a deal! Who can resist a 25% off coupon or an offer to buy one get one free, especially when redeeming the coupon only requires “liking” a business’s social media page? Use the Social Offers app to add a popup to your website offering up free coupons or downloadables to any visitor who takes a specific action such as liking your Facebook page or joining your mailing list.

Lumifish Info Bar

This simple app offers a powerful way to advertise a sale, promote a new product or collect email addresses for your mailing list. Use Lumifish to add a bar across the top or the bottom of your site, with a customizable, clickable message. This app can be used in a variety of ways to help you attract visitors’ attention and increase your sales.

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By The Wix Team

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