Websites Done Right: 9 Photographers With Extra Unique Portfolios

As a photographer in 2016, having an online portfolio that shows what you and a camera are capable of is crucial. But what sets one talented photographer apart from another?

When it comes to creating a website for your photography, there are different ways to highlight your life’s work while also giving unique value to your site visitors and potential clients. To get an idea of what we’re talking about, we’ve collected some stunning examples of photography portfolios that were created with Wix – and pinpointed what it is they totally nailed. Brace yourselves, things are about to get breathtaking.


Highlight: published work

If you’re a photographer who’s work has been published, it certainly needs to be acknowledged on your website. Anu may be freelance, but she works with many magazines newspapers, and her photographs have graced many publications. She gets extra points for adding a page to her website that showcases her extensive experience in this area, and it’s clearly labeled and easy to find.


Highlight: online shop

A pro in the motion graphics, design and animation scene for over a decade, Dan feels at home behind the lense. And while we could get lost in each page of his portfolio for hours, what we love most is his entrepreneurial spirit. Dan has an online store where he offers some of his unique (and jaw-dropping) time slice work – some using up to 39 photos over hours of shooting. To get a better idea, see the video he created and watch his work in action.


Highlight: the book

Every artist has their own medium – and Diego’s favorite is the Polaroid. Well known in the fashion world, Diego’s work has been shown in just about every major publication including Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaare, and Rolling Stone (to name a few.) With these exceptional publications under his belt, he wanted to create a collection of his own work, and in book form. His site is clean and simple, and you can easily find his book of Polaroids that spans 30 years and features many familiar faces. Read all 119 pages of it, right on his Wix website.


Highlight: workshops with online signup 

What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a full-time passion and career for Sarya. Take a look around her lovely website and you’ll quickly notice that her specialty lies not only in food photography, but in the intricate work of styling for shoots as well. For us, Sarya’s winning angle is her Workshops page, where she invites site visitors to sign up for small sessions that she hosts.


Highlight: impressive, full screen gallery

No fuss and no frills, Lorenzo’s images literally make up his entire website. His portfolio is one large gallery that shows you his bold shots on a huge scale, letting you see every exquisite detail he’s captured. All of his photos are clickable and expand to different sizes for even more wow effect. Should you want to get in touch with Lorenzo to schedule a shoot or simply give him praise, you can do so on his easy to find Contact page. We sure will.


Highlight: interactive home page

Derek grew up in and around the restaurant industry, so it’s little wonder that his food photography is so detailed and enticing. But upon first entering his website, you’ll find that there’s more to this photographer’s list of talents. You’re asked a short question: “what’s your fancy?” You can then choose to look at faces (his portfolio of portraits) or objects (his portfolio of food and more.) With one simple question and two even simpler buttons, Derek draws you in, and delights.


Highlight: video header

From capturing a couple’s big day to shining a light on the crisis in the Congo, Benjamin’s portfolio is extensive. But he’s not only adept for an SLR, Benjamin is a talented videographer who collects moments and turns them into stories that last a lifetime. He does a fantastic job of showing this side of his work, by using one of his wedding films as a video header on his home page.


Highlight: visual diary

If we had to guess, Alex is a true-blue romantic. What we can say for sure is that he’s a total professional who takes wedding photography to another level. Alex helps couples walk away from their wedding with photos they can cherish forever, and offers different packages so they can enjoy their photos in different mediums. What we like best is how he uses his home page as a sort of visual diary. It gives you a unique glimpse not only into his photo skills but what it’s like to work with him, thanks to testimonials from happy clients.


Highlight: albums

If you’re getting married in New York or Austin (that’s right, she shoots in both cities), you may want to consider hiring Shira to photograph your special day. With tons of experience and a real passion for wedding photography, Shira captures moments of true love and friendship, for photos to be cherished long after you’ve exchanged vows. The proof is in the albums; Shira is using the Wix Photo Albums app – so every wedding she snaps has it’s own album that the wedding party can download images from with ease.

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By The Wix Team

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