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How To Upcycle and Show the World You Care

So far as we know, we have but one planet we can live on, and every year Earth Day comes around to remind us of this. There are so many things we can do to show Mother Earth just how much we respect her: from watching water use, using less paper, to carpooling when you can, recycling, composting – and the list goes on. But one of the most fun ways to show the world you care is by upcycling. What’s that you ask? Upcycling is when you take an old item that is no longer in use, and repurpose it into something totally different.

Want examples? We’re so glad you asked. Here are 12 techy items that have been upcycled to perfection – inspiring us to rethink our junk and repurpose it into something new and totally awesome.

Recycled computer parts made into jewelry

Computers have made many things in our lives easier, but ever-advancing technology means that most people like to switch up their machine every couple of years. Unfortunately, our techological gains is a big loss for the environment, amounting to a ton of now old machines ending up in dumps and landfills all over the world. This is something that Paola Mirai has taken note of. With her Cirkutia collection, she’s reworked old computer parts into beautiful and unique jewelry.

recycled tech

Cat houses from old computer monitors

The internet and cats go hand in hand, right? With this upcycle concept, it’s literally true. If you have an old monitor lying around, it’s easier than you think to rework it into a nook that a cat can call home. You can go simple with it, or get into crazy detail – it’s up to you. Either way, we think it’ll make for one happy cat.

recycled tech2

Circuit board cutouts as earrings

For people who love jewelry, here’s another really fun way to wear tech. These earrings were made from recycled RoHS electronic circuit boards and they’re totally something we could see being rocked at Coachella.

recycled tech3

Art from floppy disks

Remember floppy disks? Maybe you still have some in the back of an old filing cabinet somewhere? These little things were big in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but are pretty much useless at this point. But artist Nick Gentry found otherwise – and we think the results are pretty amazing.

recycled tech4

Picture frame from computer keys

Have a special someone in your life who also happens to embrace their inner geek? This just may be the perfect gift for them. It’s a picture frame that’s made up of all different computer buttons and parts – and it’s making us want to click all over it.

recycled tech5

Hallpasses from floppy disks

Finally – a way to make hallpasses fun! Another way to repurpose old floppy disks is by writing destinations on them as hallpasses (perfect for the computer lab, no?) Another idea we love: using them as name tags for your next [techie] event.

recycled tech6

Keyboard bags

I mean, can you just? These bags were made out of keyboard keys, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we see them featured in a fashion mag very soon. Extra points if you use it to carry your tablet as an ode to the keys it used to have.


iMacs as hanging lamps

Why should cats have all the fun? Designer Evert Lamb took these old iMacs and turned them into colorful lamps that would liven up any dull conference room. For the die-hard Mac fans out there, this is one to bookmark.

recycled tech8

Table lamps from CDs

Maybe you don’t have an old iMac lying around, but chances are you’re still holding on to a bunch of CDs. That’s right, we’re talking about compact discs. We’re willing to bet you’d be ok with parting with more than a few CD for the sake of create futuristic table lamps.

recycled tech9

Keyboard keys as labeled paperclips

For us super-organizers out there, this one is more than fun, it’s practical. These old keyboard keys have been attached to large paper clips, making them into a great way to create some order in your papers and files.

recycled tech10

Old monitors as a planter

Why not make our planet a little greener, in both senses? Old monitors can also make for a happy home for plants – just empty ’em out, find a sunny spot and watch life literally grow out of your old monitor.

recycled tech11


Much like jewelry, this item doesn’t have much more function than simply looking boss. Made completely from keyboard keys, this is the skull that Hamlet would use.. you know, if it was less 14th century, and more in the now. Whether or not you like Shakespeare, we think this skull is something almost anyone would love to have.

recycled tech12


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