How to Blog Like a Pro

From mom and pop shops to, ahem, website building platforms, everyone is jumping on the blog bandwagon. And why shouldn’t they? Blogging is a great way to establish yourself or your business as an influencer and a leader of the pack; plus it’s a killer way to get your name out there.

Not sure how to set up your blog? No sweat. We’ve broken down all of the elements you need to set up a beautiful and informative blog – complete with awesome examples from people who’ve used Wix to create their own.

Include Gorgeous Images

Whether you’re an online clothing shop, a rock musician or a hotel in an exotic location, show off what you’ve got through stunning images. In addition to having gorgeous pictures, you also want to have a beautiful website that fits with the overall theme of your blog.

When your blog goes viral, your stunning images and layout is sure to make a lasting impression. A great example of this can be found on fashion blogger Sebastian Barrett’s site where he has eye-catching shots of his fashion adventure.

Come Up with Compelling Content

It’s not a complete blog without content that is destined to go viral (or at the very least, get a nice amount of shares.) Whether you’re writing articles related to your industry or sharing set lists and photos from your latest tour, your content is the bread and butter of your blog. Bonus points if you optimize your posts so that search engines like Google can find your blog and place them high up in search results. Grammy winners Macklemore & Ryan Lewis totally nailed it when let fans experience their live shows through awesome stage and behind the scenes shots.

Make Navigation Easy

The more content you’ve got on your blog, the more difficult it will be for readers to find what they’re looking for, right? Wrong. The use of categories and tags totally eliminates that problem and paints a clearer picture of what visitors can expect when they’re browsing your site.

If you want to group posts that are related to one another, simply create a tag with the specific topic each blog post is covering. Then, when a visitor clicks on a tag at the bottom of a given blog post, every other blog post with that tag will be pulled up.

Categories are a great way to divide the content of your blog by topic in order to give visitors a general idea of what your overall blog is about. Categories can be found on the side of your blog and much like tags, clicking on a specific category will pull up all relevant content, allowing readers to find what they want in a flash. A killer use of categories is Kyle’s Raw Food Raw Strength blog where you can easily find recipes, product reviews and more.

Stay Connected

Want to get your name out there? Connecting your social channels to your blog is the best way to encourage virality, just like Morgane did on her travel and culture blog. The more connected your followers are to you and your brand, the more likely your audience will broaden. Post on your social channels when you’ve got a new blog article out or better yet, encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter via an easy to add app like Get Subscribers.


By Jillian Altit

Community Manager

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