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Web Design \ APR 30th 2016

Design Trends You Don’t Want on Your Website

Whether you’ve got a personal portfolio or a website for your business, your online presence is a representation of who you are. So naturally, you want to create a website that you’re proud to show off. It sounds easy enough, but once in a while a design trend bursts onto the scene that either has no right to be there or is completely abused and overused.

We’ve all been there. You get excited about a new fad (or 10),  incorporate every trend at once and the next thing you know your website is a chaotic mess.

We understand that it’s easy to get carried away and we’re here to help.  We’ve broken down the design trends you don’t want anywhere near your website and the simple way to avoid any close-calls you may encounter.

Complicated Design

Something we see too often is over-complicated design. An over the top mix of elements, images, features and buttons are more likely to cause your visitor to run for the hills than to stick around and browse.  On your website, less is always more. It’s actually been proven that the more visually complex a website is, the lower its visual appeal is. The way around this? Focus in on just one or two trending design elements you want to blow your visitors away with, like a stunning video background or parallax scrolling effect. This way, you still get to show off the fact that you’ve got advanced features on your website without overwhelming your visitors.

Hard to Read Text

You know that funky fresh typography that makes you think a company is absolutely crushing it? The one that’s too small to see and too complex to actually read? While you may think that a certain font gives your website some edge, anything hard to read can actually deter your visitors from staying put. Keep things simple by using just one or two typefaces that are clearly written and big enough to see.

Hard to Read Text

Parallax Overload

If there’s anyone out there who loves a good parallax scroll, it’s us. It’s a super easy way to add some depth and serious style to your website, but it pains us to say that it is actually possible to overdo it. Plenty of people are guilty of forcing parallax where it really doesn’t belong, so it’s important to be mindful and include this nifty element in ways that enhance your site rather than drowns out what it is you’re trying to say.

Incessant Pop-ups

Ah yes, the design trend that proves balance really is everything. When it comes to pop-ups, there’s a way to totally nail it and there’s a way to scare your visitors away for good. You can use a pop-up to welcome up your website visitors or promote a sale. Just like with other website elements, it’s easy to go overboard with pop-ups, and if you do, you’ll surely pay the price. An app like Lumi Fish Pop-Up allows you to customize your pop-ups to make them just as stunning as your website.

Incessant pop-ups

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By Jillian Altit
Community Manager - About The Wix Blog

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