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Promote Your Site \ MAR 4th 2016

Reader’s Choice! The Wix App Market Ultimate Top 10

Much like peanut butter and jelly, or a long weekend and perfect weather – sometimes it takes two good things to come together to make something great.

In the Wix world, we have a name for that extra special ingredient. They’re called ‘apps’ and they do magical things like: add fresh content to your website in real time via social streams, kick your customer service up a notch with live chats, and make cashing in your eCommerce orders easier with a Paypal button.

With more than 250 apps available in the Wix App Market, it can be hard to find a favorite – but we unlocked the vault to give you the 10 most popular website add-ons that Wix users use most.

Get User Feedback with Comments

Customer feedback is invaluable for any business. When it comes down to it, you created your website for other people to enjoy, so why not give them a soapbox to provide feedback on your website pages? Wix users love using the Comments App – everywhere from blog posts to up engagement, to eCommerce product pages.

Get User Feedback with Comments

Cut Back the FOMO with an Events Calendar

Have clients with a severe ‘Fear Of Missing Out’? Put all of your upcoming events out in the open with the Events Calendar by Inffuse. Automatically sync it with your Google Calendar, or manually add the events – the choice is yours.

Be There for Your Clients with a Live Chat

Customer service can be one of the biggest deciding factors as to whether or not a potential client will feel comfortable moving forward with your business. Wix users like to show visitors that they’re not scared to tackle any pressing question by adding the Tidio Live Chat app to their website.

Get Booked (and Paid) Online, Anytime!

When you’re running a service based business, odds are the majority of your time is spent managing your space offline. With that said, the last thing you probably want to do is spend time by the phone taking appointments to fill in your schedule. That’s where Wix Bookings comes in! Wix Bookings makes it super easy for your clients to book up available time slots right from your website. You can also accept payments for your bookings 24/7. Bam!

Get Booked (and Paid) Online, Anytime!

Make Searching Your Website Easier

A site search is consistently on top of our user’s website musts, and for good reason too! Simply put, adding a Site Search to your website makes finding things on your site infinitely easier, improving your website design and your overall user experience.

Never Miss an Update with the Get Subscribers App

By now, you probably know how important email marketing is to preserve a long-term flow of clients. Keep your email subscriber list strong by adding the automated Get Subscribers App by Wix ShoutOut to your website.

Add Fresh New Content with a Social Media Stream

Automatically add all of the content that you upload to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or VK page right onto your website in real time – with literally zero additional effort. Yup, that’s what the Social Media Stream by PowerUp does.

Add Fresh New Content with a Social Media Stream

Answer The Tough Questions with the FAQ app

The FAQ app by Wix is an easy and attractive way to give your site visitors a quick answer to questions you get asked most. Divide questions by category or neatly lay them out in one of the beautiful template formats – the choice is yours!

Make Payments Easier With a Paypal Button

Paypal is one of the most commonly used forms of online payments today – so why wouldn’t you want to make this option available on your eCommerce website? This Wix user fav is not only free to add, it’s as easy to input on your website as it is to check-out with Paypal!

Skyrocket your SEO with Site Booster

SEO apps are a favorite in the Wix App Market, and Site Booster is one of the top sellers. What does it do? It helps drive more traffic to your website and boost your website’s SEO status by making sure that your business is listed on your industry’s most sought after and searched business directories. Easy peasy.

Don’t have a website for yourself yet? Create your free Wix website today!

By Nathaly Myers
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix - About the Wix Blog

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