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Small Business Tips \ MAR 13th 2016

Forget LinkedIn… Twitter Chats Have Arrived

Remember when Twitter was just a mix of trending conversation, random thoughts and some humor? Well, you can still find plenty of that on the social network, but now there’s a new stage for professionals to speak their mind and engage in conversation a little less emoji-based. No, we’re not talking about the more ‘put-together’ brother of social platforms (aka LinkedIn) – we’re talking about Twitter chats.

Twitter Chat

What is a Twitter chat?

To break it down, a Twitter chat is basically a Q&A session among people in a given industry, on a particular topics and at a specific time, using Twitter as the platform.

How is it done?

Let’s say you’re hosting a Twitter chat as an individual or as a business. You’ll want to pick a topic and create a list of questions to engage those participating in the chat. As a host, questions tweeted out will be indicated by a ‘Q’ followed by the number in the series of questions you’ve asked. Participants answer with an ‘A’ and that same number so the conversation can be easily followed. Think of it as giving (or receiving) personal guidance with influencers in your industry that you’d love to have a conversation with, only it’s happening over Twitter.

Every part of the conversation uses a specific hashtag, created by the host so the conversation is searchable at any given time (yes, even long after the chat has finished).

Not sure what a hashtag is? Fear not. Think of a hashtag as a keyword with a # symbol in front of it. Clicking on the #keyword will bring up any tweet in the Twittersphere that contains that #keyword in the sentence, so be sure to come up with something unique to your Twitter Chat or your brand.


How can you benefit from participating in a Twitter Chat?

As a participant in a Twitter chat, you’re likely conversing with experts in your industry, so you’re basically taking a free course to pick up insider information. When else would you have the chance to speak with industry leaders from the comfort of, well, wherever you may find yourself on that day? Ask and answer questions or just follow along and see what others are saying, either way, you’re guaranteed to take something away.

What are the benefits of hosting a Twitter Chat?

Hosting a Twitter Chat allows you to present yourself as an influencer and gives you a chance to really show off your stuff. It’s an opportunity to get your brand and your business out there and engage with your followers. Treat it as if you’re giving a lecture to your colleagues. Consider creating a landing page like we did here to promote the Twitter Chat and allow people to register and fill out what they hope to hear so you can prepare the content according to their expectations. Share your landing page on you social media channels and start to spread the word that you, a leading influencer in your field, is hosting something for everyone to engage with!

Want to stay up to date on future Twitter Chats we’ll be hosting?

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