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Inspiration \ MAR 24th 2016

5 Photographers with Unique & Stunning Online Portfolios

Now that we all have cameras on our phones we’re taking more pictures than ever. But when you see a truly remarkable photo, one that has the ability to give you chills or stop you in your tracks, chances are it was taken by a professional photographer. Photography is first and foremost an art form, and when it’s treated as such the results are breathtaking.

Such an art form is deserving of a special stage. And that stage has grown to more than a gallery exhibition; photographers today are putting their masterpieces online, by way of online portfolios and photography websites – letting them showcase their work around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are 5 photographers that blew us away, and the stunning Wix websites that helped us discover them:

Dmitry Shukin

Self-taught photographer Dmitry Shukin has a very unique shooting style. Though he may have a broad range of subjects that he shoots (beautiful cityscapes, emotional candids, gorgeous nature shots), they all fit into a story that is unique to his vision. Happily, his amazing shots are all easy to locate and browse, thanks to his carefully layed out website.

Dimitry Shukin Dimitry Shukin Dimitry Shukin

Per Groth

As soon as you land on Swedish photographer Per Groth’s website, you get a sense of the range of the subjects he shoots. From portaits to extreme sports to royal weddings, it’s safe to say he doesn’t have one niche that he sticks to. Go a bit deeper into his website, and you’ll find that he manages to capture these moments with amazing precision. Our favorite part? His ‘photo of the month’ page on his website (look for it labeled as ‘Månaden Bild‘).

Fotograf Per Groth Fotograf Per Groth Fotograf Per Groth

Kayla Sprint

Kayla Sprints photography could be described as a literal breath of fresh air. Based on her gorgeous nature photos, it seems she is quite comfortable spending time in the great outdoors. But looking further, she also has a keen eye for city shots and takes stunning portraits of people. All of her work is displayed in large photo format on her site, so you can catch every exquisite detail.

Kayla Sprint Kayla Sprint Kayla Sprint

Sharon Gabay

If you have an interest in both photography and history, you’re going to want to follow this artist’s portfolio. Sharon Gabay is a 15th generation Jerusalem native who captures all that his hometown has to offer (and still a bit more). He’s even taken advantage of the Wix Photo Albums feature – be sure to check them out to see more of his amazing work.

Sharon Gabay Sharon Gabay

Evgeny Lobanov

Photographer Evgeny Lobanov is based in Moscow, even though his photos are so sun-soaked you’d think they are shot in southern California. Seemingly inspired by people and movement (check out his amazing skateboard action shots), Evgeny’s website is all about his images. The focus is put on his photos alone and other details are more or less left to the imagination.


Evgeny Lobanov Evgeny Lobanov Evgeny Lobanov


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