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9 Photography Websites that Kick Butt & Get Clients

Gone are the days when being able to take gorgeous photos was all you needed to land you gigs. Sure, you need to have exceptional talent and a sharp eye to make it as a working photographer, but what good are great images if no one can find them? If you’re serious about making it as a professional, you’re going to need a knockout photography portfolio to get the attention of prospective clients.

Fortunately, Wix has the solution to help a photographer in need and we’ve compiled some gorgeous examples for you to take a lesson or two from.

Danni Sanchez

Food photographer and stylist, Danni Sanchez, will rev up your appetite with her photos of delectable dishes. Scroll through her portfolio and try to stop your mouth from watering, we dare you.

Danni Sanchez Photography

Ella Forssling

Swedish photographer Ella Forssling shows off her diverse skill set; from striking photos of nature to her ability to bring an object to life, she’s definitely not hiding her gift.

Ella Forssling

Emily Blackman

Specializing in food and culture photography, Emily Blackman shows off her wide array of talent in her portfolio. From commercial shots fit for a catalog, heart-warming family photos and a blog to boot, she had us hooked from our first click.

Emily Blackman

Per Groth

From captivating action photographs to emotional victory shots, Per Groth’s portfolio shows us what it means to be a multi-faceted photographer.

Fotograf Per Groth

Andrew Fyfe

Looking for an escape? Canadian photographer, Andrew Fyfe, helps you do just that with his use of a parallax scrolling background. You’ll get lost in the mountains and the picturesque lakeside when you browse through his breathtaking portfolio.

Fyfe Photography

Gemma May-Jones

Photographer Gemma May-Jones really knows how to pull on the heart-strings with her gorgeous album of family photos. She gets up close and personal capturing the most precious moments you’ll always want to remember.

Gemma May Jones Photography

Lucas Creighton

From his eclectic assortment of photographs, it’s hard to believe that Lucas Creighton is only 18 years old. His website is a wild ride through music festivals, far away cities and some pretty sweet treats.

Lucas Creighton

Todd Alan

Todd Alan displays his talent for capturing raw emotion through the lens in his stunning portfolio. You can see the genuine happiness in children and feel the excitement jump off your screen in his collection of wedding photos.

photographers showcase6

Shir Hassin

We’re in total awe of Shir Hassin’s creative angle on wedding, pregnancy and newborn photos. Her heart-warming collection displays a unique way of preserving the most beautiful memories.

Shir Hassin Photography

By Jillian Altit

Community Manager

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