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Wix Updates \ FEB 2nd 2016

Super Bowl Highlights for the Football Illiterate

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television programs of the year but, let’s be honest, not everyone’s watching it for the love of football. In fact, some of the most memorable moments in SB history have actually happened off the field. From the star-studded national anthem, to crazy halftime shows, to must-see commercials – there’s no shortage of entertainment for everyone!

This year, Wix is making a comeback with another commercial in the big game! Gearing up for our moment in the small screen spotlight, got us thinking: what were some of the best moments in Super Bowl history… that didn’t actually have anything to do with the game?

Here are the 5 Super Bowl moments that we couldn’t get enough of, long after game day:

Nipple Gate (Super Bowl XXXVIII)

Remember the moment when Justin Timberlake promised to have Janet Jackson ‘naked by the end of this song’ …and meant it?! If you were watching any TV program in 2004, there’s no way you could miss it! That unforgettable moment dubbed ‘Nipple Gate’ put the family friendly Super Bowl in steaming hot water, and changed the course of TV history from that point on.
Seriously, here is just some of the fallout:

  1. The FCC fined CBS a record-breaking $550,000.
  2. All live TV broadcasts had to add a 5 minute broadcast delay from that point on.
  3. The incident was parodied on pretty much every TV show for months after.
  4. It changed the internet, literally. Not only did it make ‘Janet Jackson’ the most searched term in internet history at the time, but Youtube creator Jawed Karim claimed that he created the channel out of his frustration for not being able to easily find a video clip of that moment (true story.)
  5. It changed the English Language. In fact, you can thank Janet for the term ‘wardrobe malfunction’ now being a convenient excuse for your jeans ripping a little too far.

The Most Watched Commercial in Super Bowl History

Remember last year’s big game? How could you forget! Super Bowl XLIX was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Despite Seattle having a sizable lead over the Patriots for the first half of the game, both teams were neck and neck by the second quarter. Flash forward to the 4th quarter, and the teams were ping-ponging for the lead. As the game was leading to a close, fans around the world were at the edge of their seat – so you know there was no way anyone was going to risk getting up for the last commercial break.

Well that very last commercial, in the very last commercial block, in one of the tightest games in Super Bowl history, was none other than… Wix’s own! In that moment, 5 NFL favorites showed the world what they were up to thanks to new businesses that they promoted online with their awesome Wix websites!

When Left Shark Stole the Show

Speaking of awesome moments in Super Bowl XLIX: let’s talk about Katy Perry’s halftime performance. The powerhouse singer pulled out all the stops to entertain crowds with her spot-on vocals and high energy performance. But despite all that, someone in her show managed to steal just a *little bit* of the spotlight. A legend that to this day inspired countless memes – Left Shark, we love you. Never Change.


Oh [Say Whatttt] Can You See?

If you’re approached to sing the American National Anthem at the Super Bowl before millions of viewers, you’re probably going to practice every note until it’s perfect. And yet, when it came time for Christina Aguilera to flex her pipes, she managed to miss her mark! Turns out X-tina could have used a little more time in rehearsal because she mixed up the lyrics during Super Bowl XLV.

The Super Bowl Shuffle

One of our favorite musical moments from Super Bowls past had nothing to do with half time, or even the national anthem. The year was 1985, and the Chicago Bears could do no wrong in America’s eyes. They were strong, powerful, and on their way to the Super Bowl. But, only one day before beating New England to win their Super Bowl title, they released the (Grammy nominated!) Super Bowl Shuffle – no, seriously.

As if winning the Super Bowl wasn’t enough, The Super Bowl Shuffle went on to reach #41 on the Billboard Top 100 list, and features special highlights like: McNabb’s mullet, sick dance moves, and the classic line: “we didn’t come here looking for trouble, we just came to do the Super Bowl shuffle.”

Join Wix as we gear up for our Big Game spot featuring Kung Fu Panda! Follow all the highlights at: www.startstunning.com

By Nathaly Myers
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix - About the Wix Blog

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