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Showing off: Websites Designed by Wix Employees (Not Designers!)

Showing off: Websites Designed by Wix Employees

At Wix, our team isn’t exactly the 9-5 type. We’re as dynamic outside the workplace as we are inside, with many employees having second careers, unique hobbies and some interesting hidden talents. We asked around the office to see who uses Wix in their personal life and the websites we’ve compiled prove you don’t have to be a designer to create a stunning website.

Marbl Music

Jonathan, Product Marketing Manager Marbl Music

MARBL’s website immediately captured our attention with their video strips and stunning photos. Filled with music videos, tunes, tour dates and press, this website has everything a Wix Music page needs to have to really stand out. And now we know that one of Wix’s own is also part of a super cool folk-pop duo. 


Ashley Gallman Williams

Ashley Gallman Williams, Head of US Community Ashley Gallman Williams

Want to revamp your CV and online portfolio? Ashley’s website is the perfect example of how to make a memorable impression on employers and prospective clients. She shows off her professional experience growing communities through marketing, exhibits and by organizing events. Her site makes her a viable candidate for any position – good thing we’ve already snagged her at Wix!

Ashley Gallman Williams

Netanya Bushewsky

Netanya Bushewsky, Marketing Writer

With the help of her stunning website, Netanya shows off more than just her writing skills. She puts her Daily Sketches of local happenings around Tel Aviv on full, awesome display. She’s organized her website into sections so viewers can easily check out her sketches, learn more about her and connect with her via her social channels. Trust us, you’ll want to take a look at the world from her point of view.

Netanya Bushewsky

Galo Delgado

Galo Delgado, Operational Manager Galo Delgado

Dive into Galo’s photography portfolio and experience the streets of Manhattan, stunning interior shots and captivating photos of some of the extraordinary people he’s encountered. Looking for something fun to make your next event memorable? Learn about his slow-mo photo booth and see it in action!

Galo Delgado

Neta-Lee Goldrat

Neta-Lee Goldrat, eCommerce Business Expert Typos

It’ll be hard to choose only one of Neta-Lee’s custom-made framed posters from her adorable eCommerce site. Her use of parallax scrolling had us hooked on her designs and made us seriously reconsider the decor we currently have at home. 


Adam Wozney

Adam Wozney, Community Manager Adam Wozney

Adam displays another way to set up a personal portfolio and totally knocks it out of the park. From testimonials, to photos and videos of him on the job, he knows how to make himself stand out from the crowd. His use of scrolling photo backgrounds capture his charisma and his dedication to his work (you can quote us on that.)

Adam Wozney


Jonathan, Marketing Manager, Wix Music & Restaurants Maapilim

You don’t have to have a beard to admire Jonathan’s line of beard oil and mustache wax. With a clean and minimalist design, his product images and descriptions made us want to make a purchase on the spot!


Naama Harari

Naama Harari, eCommerce Marketing Manager Piece of History

Looking to grab yourself a piece of history? Now you can thanks to Naama and her husband Asaf’s cute eCommerce website. Their slider gallery of images shows us what they have for sale, from prints to historic iconic action figures, there’s a gift for all you history buffs out there!

Piece of History

Shira Galler

Shira Galler, Community Outreach Manager Shira Galler

Forget about the traditional way of presenting your resume, Shira shows off her CV and her personality by way of a super colorful website. Even though she’s been with the Wix team for a good while, her website has us suddenly wanting to know more about what she does from 9-5 at Wix and what she’s up to after hours.

Shira Galler

By The Wix Team

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