8 Best Wallpaper Apps For iOS & Android Devices

It’s 2016, so if you’re still using one of those wallpapers that come with your phone, you’re basically still living in 2014. That’s right, we went there. We’ve come to a point in our existence where it’s no longer acceptable to settle for something basic when you can go for something beautiful (like a stunning website, for example).

But don’t stress – we’re here to tell you about all the coolest apps that will make your wallpaper game next level. Get ready to flaunt your phone’s background with these awesome wallpaper apps we can’t get enough of:

Android Apps


Looking for something that says, “my phone’s wallpaper is totally cool, but I didn’t put any effort into it because I’m not into anything mainstream?” If this speaks to you, you’re probably a hipster. That’s okay – some of our best friends are hipsters – and they usually  have the coolest wallpaper for their phones. Now you can, too.

500 Firepaper

Variety is the spice of life and this app definitely brings the variety. Not only does it change your background as often as you like (even every time you open your phone), the images it supplies are top-notch. Utilizing the latest images uploaded to 500px by pro photographers from all over the world, you’ll never be bored with your background. Just note: this app takes up quite a bit of your phone’s memory.


If you’re a lover of patterns and customizing anything and everything, this is probably the wallpaper app for you. Best of all, once you’ve set the app up, it’ll change your wallpaper on a regular basis for you, so you’ll never get tired of looking at your phone. Did we mention it uses parallax effect when scrolling through your pages? ‘Cause it totally does.


Okay, this app has way more to offer than just stellar wallpaper alone. It’s also got cool themes, ringtones and notification sounds – but when it comes to wallpaper selection, it can’t be beat. With over 11,000 wallpapers to choose from, you’re bound to find something that suits your fancy.

iOS Apps

Monogram Lite

Want to have more of an active role in your phone’s home screen? This little app lets you do just that. Add your own photos, customize fonts, colors, monogram frame shapes and more. You can change it up seasonally, or even daily – the power is in your [now stylish] hands.

Pimp Your Screen

More than just wallpaper, this app lets you have fun with lock screen elements and add-ons like your calendar – it even gives you the ability to play around with your date and time and ‘slide to unlock’ area. Chock full of effects, you can also customize your phone’s icons and add shelves for your apps. Just like that, your phone’s been pimped.

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