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Promote Your Site \ FEB 26th 2016

11 Hidden Treasures in Your Instagram Account

Looking to have the best #tbt (‘Throwback Thursday’) in your Instagram feed? With over 400 million monthly users, it’ll take more than a couple of stellar selfies for people to stop and notice your Instagram account on their stream.

On a platform where image is everything, the right shot can earn your profile (and *dare we say* your product) legions of loyal followers craving more. Powerhouse Instagram users know that there’s a treasure trove of techniques that they use to propel their pics into the spotlight. There are tools to trick out your filters, secrets to get discovered on this social network, and even apps that connect your account to your website for optimal reach.

We’ve marked down our 11 favorite hidden features to take your Instagramming to the next level:

Use Your Favorite Camera

Your phone may be the vessel for your Instagram account, but that doesn’t mean your Instagram pics need to be limited to what you take on your cellphone’s camera. If you take your most stunning images with a DSLR, send those shots over to your email and upload them to your Instagram page.

Promote Your Pics Beyond Your Insta Profile

Why limit your great pics to your Instagram profile alone? Add your awesome Instagram images right onto your website, with literally zero added effort. Wix users around the globe have made the Instagram Feed App one of the highest rated apps available in the Wix App Market (and for good reason too). This app seamlessly adds the pics from your Instagram account right onto your website as soon as you share them – getting more eyes on those images in an instant.

Wix Instagram Feed

Reconsider the Filter

Love your Ludwig filter but feel that it’s just a little too intense for that particular pic? Double tap on any filter to reduce its intensity on your image. You’re welcome.

Create Your Own Gifs with Boomerang

Did you know you can create gifs for Instagram? Boomerang, Instagram’s latest native app offering can turn anyone into gif creators. The super fun video creating app works by taking a rapid stream of pics, essentially turning whatever you’re pointing your lens at into an awesome gif.

Stop Profile Paranoia

Worried that you may have accidentally double-tapped a pic on a profile you’re not actually following? Creep up on the last posts you’ve hearted by going into your account settings and clicking on ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ (and breath a collective sigh of relief.)

Make Mini Collages

The ideal tool for the indecisive amongst us, Layout is a collage maker that combines your select batch of pics into one great looking frame. Another one of Instagram’s own native apps, Layout is a must-have tool to add a little variety to your account.


Never Miss an Update

Did you know you can get notifications for your favorite accounts? To do that, go to the profile you want to get updates for, tap the three dots at the top of the profile’s screen, and click ‘Turn on Post Notifications.”

Join Hot Trends

At it’s heart, Instagram is a social network. Like all social networks, if you’re looking to get noticed, one of your best bets is to join in on popular conversations.
The 2 easiest ways to do that:

  1. Click on that search tab in your Instagram account and take a peek at the trending tags. See something that resonates with you? Go ahead and add the relevant hashtag in the description of to the next image you upload.
  2. Follow accounts that frequently feature users. Instagram‘s own account often holds weekly themes that users submit to.

Hide Filters You Hate

With more than 20 filters available on your Instagram account, when it comes to livening up your photos, some filters just don’t make the cut. Clear up your filter bar by pressing long on any filter that you don’t use and dragging it up to your photo screen, and *poof* it’ll disappear.

Have commitment issues?  Don’t worry, you can always re-add filters by visiting the ‘manage’ section of your photo editing screen.

Rearrange Your Filters

Have an affinity for the Mayfair filter? Keep that bad boy at the start of your filter bar by rearranging your favorite filters. Do this by dragging your filters by name in the ‘manage’ section of your photo editing screen.

Connect Multiple Accounts

A special treat for the social media managers among us! If you use your Instagram account for both business and pleasure, you can now manage multiple Instagram accounts from one profile.

A word to the wise: double check which account you’re on before you post. You know, just in case those bikini pics with your boo aren’t exactly on brand.

Want to promote your photos (& your business) online? Start by creating a free website with Wix!

By Nathaly Myers
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix - About the Wix Blog

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