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10 Ways Your Artistic Creativity Can Land You Money

It’s safe to assume that few parents out there are hoping their kids drop out of business school and embrace arts, crafts and creativity as a career. Sadly, not many people are able to turn their artistic talents into a steady income but there is plenty of room for optimism.

Musicians dream of sold out concerts and screenwriters desire a Sundance award – which is exactly as it should be. In the meantime, though, your cat needs to eat and you could really use a new pair of glasses. But this doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your dreams and take on a job that you hate.

Consider this: There are many earning opportunities that involve your creative talents if you start looking beyond the conventional fields and jobs. Find the right angle and you’re on the right path, especially if you create a website to promote your creative service. Once you expand your search you’ll notice more and more possibilities for making money while staying creative.

Skeptical? Just look at these 10 examples:

10 Ways Your Artistic Creativity Can Land You Money

The Gift: Passionate for graphics
The Gig: Design Wix websites for clients

You know your way around web layouts, you can’t stand it when images and colors clash, and you’re a natural with typography – ever thought of designing websites as an extra income? Or better yet, sign up to the Wix Arena, our very own web design directory that connects talents like you with potential clients.

The Gift: Music and sound
The Gig: Selling stock audio online 

Ever wondered where the background music from TV and radio ads, instructional videos or Business2Business marketing materials comes from? It comes from audio stock exchange sites, like Splice or AudioJungle. These platforms allow musicians to sell tracks, effects and soundbites and make money while making music. You can also check out Wix Music for an all inclusive web presence to promote and sell your music (commission free).

The Gift: Crafty hands
The Gig: Handmade stationery

Here’s a tip for people with a talent for arts and crafts: Couture paper products are really big right now. If you have the creative inspiration and you enjoy labors of love, setting up an operation for handmade stationery and paper goods can be both rewarding and profitable.


The Gift: Tidy, stylish and patient
The Gig: Dog groomer 

Yes, this is the dream job for any animal lover and every clean freak. It can get messy, but in the best possible ways. If you trust yourself to get along with your four-legged clients, and if you always wondered what your dog will look like with a makeover, prepare yourself for the gratifying smiles of happy, clean dogs.

The Gift: Aesthetic sensibility and great precision
The Gig: Event decoration services 

This is a challenging and dynamic job that entails tons of thrills and satisfaction. One of the coolest aspects of being an event decorator is that you get to fulfill a creative vision and see people enjoy your creations in moments of pure happiness. From a geek-themed wedding to Mad-Men style office parties – it’s you who’s making it happen. Don’t forget to add a touch of creativity to the online event invitations too!

The Gift: Graffiti artist
The Gig: Commissioned Murals 

The public city space will always be the true canvas of graffiti artists, but you don’t want to miss out on opportunities happening elsewhere. Companies, schools and festival arenas are happy to add a dash of color to their surroundings and to support urban artists by commissioning permanent or temporary works. Here’s a flashback to when Wix had our own graffiti collaboration project with local artists in NYC.


The Gift: A magician with words
The Gig: Content marketing

A talent for writing is something that you either have or you don’t. If you do – there’s money to be made. The people who run Skittles’ Facebook page? Content marketing writers. Those folks who get the Instagram Blog going? Content marketing writers. The brilliant minds behind those Wix emails that you occasionally get? That’s right, content marketing writers.

The Gift: Architectural genius
The Gig: Walking tour guide

Many people can admire beautiful or unique architecture but few actually know anything about it. If you have the knowledge and the enthusiasm, why not start a walking tour service to guide visitors around some of the architectonic treasures in your city? Your potential target audience will be exceptionally wide since this is the kind of tour that appeals to tourists and locals alike.

The Gift: Great eye
The Gig: Portrait photographer 

Professional photography is a full-time commitment that requires learning and practice. But even as a hobby, photography can be a fulfilling side-project with potential for increasing your income. One of the most efficient ways to make money as an amateur photographer is to work locally and offer headshots for business purposes, graduation portraits or acting portfolio shots.

Portrait photographer

The Gift: Spectacular storyteller
The Gig: Audiobook narrator

Voice acting is an incredible profession that recently received a major boost with the rise of podcasts and audiobooks. If people always commented on your pleasant and smooth voice, and if you know how to tell a good story, becoming a narrator for audiobooks and series is something to consider.


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