10 Steps to Becoming a Football Superfan

10 Steps to Becoming a Football Superfan

To be a serious football fan, you need to have serious commitment. People don’t realize the hard work it takes to be a real fan these days. We know a thing or two about being a football fanatic – we even secured a spot in SB50. You’ve got to have an eclectic sense of style, energy to keep you screaming all game-long and of course, wildly superstitious tendencies.

To help you prepare for superfan stardom,we’ve compiled some of the most outrageous fan tributes and displays of allegiance sure to inspire you to become the best fan you can be.

Find a Crew

Flying solo as a fan can be intimidating, but if you’re part of a group, you’re part of a family. On the road to becoming a superfan, you’ve got to find a crew. Also known as the 12th man, a solid fan base is the most important element of the game, after the 11 players on the field, of course. Being part of a fan-base is one way to know you’ve made it, it’s also a great way to score a coveted spot in the Fan Hall of Fame.

Notable NFL fan bases include the Oakland Raiders’ Black Hole, known for dressing up as Satan’s Minions an taunting visitors or the Washington Redskin’s Hogettes, who made headlines when the organization formally retired in 2013.

Brave the Weather

It’s no secret that temperatures drop significantly between week one and week sixteen. If you want street cred, you can’t let the cold (or snow) get to you. When it comes to embracing winter weather, Green Bay Packers fans set the bar pretty high. With the coldest game in Packer’s history played in a frigid -13 degrees, a little rough weather would never stand in their way. Hundreds of fans proved themselves when they showed up to shovel snow at Lambeau Field in order to get the stadium ready for game time during the 2012 playoffs. Talk about loyalty.

Ink Your Allegiance

The most intense football fans like to pay tribute to their team by branding themselves with a tattoo. If and when you decide to make such a commitment, be sure to spell-check, fact-check and don’t make any premature decisions. You can easily learn from the mistake of Philadelphia Eagles fan, Jeremy Gentry, who got this tattoo after only game two of the 2015-16 season:


Unfortunately for him, the Eagles didn’t even make the playoffs this year.

Don’t be discouraged, though. There is plenty of room to get creative and pay homage to your team in an epic way, like these fans did:


Turn Up the Volume

Every fan knows when attending a game at home they are obligated to be as loud as they can in order to distract the visiting team. Kansas City Chiefs fans’ set the record of having the loudest outdoor stadium when they made 142.2 decibels worth of noise. But don’t worry, the stadium passed out earplugs before game time to make sure everyone was well prepared.

Get Fearless With Your Fashion

When it comes to style, football fans definitely dress to impress. Okay, maybe not impress, but they certainly know how to stand out. Wild face masks, facepaint, questionable outfits and outrageous wigs are the norm.


Step up Your Swag

If you think owning one jersey is enough to be considered a super-fan, think again. Dallas Cowboy fan, Stoney Kersh, took his fan gear to a whole new level when he turned his home into a Dallas Cowboy Museum. From a decked out living room stocked with Super Bowl helmets, decals and bumper stickers down to his toilet seat that is literally made up of part of the old Cowboy’s stadium, he’s set the standard when it comes to owning fan apparel.

Know the Rules

Knowing the game inside and out is pretty essential to being a superfan. But what about the rules of watching a game with your friends at home? The most intense fans create the most elaborate rules for watching a game behind closed doors.

The most famous case was when Seattle Seahawks fan demanded his friends sign a contract and agreed to the conditions required in order to view the game in his home. Rules like, “late arrivers will not be guaranteed entry… No exceptions” and “At no time are you allowed to state that you think the ‘Seahawks are going to win this game.’ EVER. Even if the Seahawks are up by 30+ at halftime.

Believe in Superstitions

The most extreme football fans tend to have the most extreme superstitions. Some fans have a lucky jersey or a particular pair of socks they wear on gameday while others follow the superstitions their team’s fanbase is known for. Fans of the New York Jets are most likely to sit in the same “lucky” seat, while Buffalo Bills fans most often rub or kiss their team memorabilia for good luck.

Purchase Season Tickets

Well, that may be easier said than done depending on your team. The New York Giants have over 135,000 names on their waiting list and the Chicago Bears say there is over a 20 year wait time for season tickets to be available. Your best bet to obtain season tickets is to put a baby’s name on the list when they’re born.

Say ‘I do’

If you’re ready to settle down, catapult yourself into superfan royalty like this couple did when they got married at the New Orleans Superdome.


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