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Small Business Tips \ FEB 12th 2016

10 Hottest Small Business Ideas for 2016

If you’ve been mulling over a few ideas for your very own small business, it’s time to make a move. Now that over one month of 2016 is already in the books, we’re giving you the green light you’ve been waiting for. With hard work, a stunning website and a killer marketing plan, you’ll be on the express train to entrepreneurial success in no time.

Not sure which business path is right for you? We’ve compiled some of the hottest business ideas for you to pursue this year.

Pet Sitter

Animal lover? Pet-sitting could be your calling. While you’ll probably start out fairly small, pet-sitting is a business that easily grows once word gets out. This could be a great option if you are reliable, trustworthy and are looking for a career that’s a bit more out of the box.

Dolittles Pet Services

Social Media Consultant

For many millennials, social media savviness is just a natural skill. But for many more out there, social media is an area of marketing yet to be discovered. Take your sought-after skills to a business in need and help beef up their social media presence and marketing efforts. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram a huge source of website traffic and brand engagement, your services are more in demand than you may think.

Event Planner

Are you well-connected with a knack for detail? If planning parties or social gatherings from start to finish is something you enjoy, then event planning is for you.

Thirty Day Dash

Children’s Store

Whether you’re thinking about opening up a kid’s clothing store or toyshop, this demographic (well, their parents) are always searching for a good deal. While it may seem that toys and clothing for kids are popping up everywhere online, the demand is always growing. Come up with a unique twist that’ll set your biz apart and you’ll be sure to make a splash.

Freelance Photographer

It’s time to turn that hobby you love into your profession. Yes, we’re talking about those photography skills you’ve got. Once you’ve zeroed in on what type of photography you’d like to focus on, setup your online portfolio and start marketing yourself. The sooner your work is out there for the world to see, the sooner you’ll be snapping shots for cash.

Kayla Sprint

Personal Shopper

Thought your love for shopping couldn’t earn you cash? Think again. Believe it or not, people will actually pay you to shop for them. Your trendy sense of style will literally pay off!


Perfect for a gig on the side or a full-time job; if you’ve got the knowledge, share it with others and turn your brains into your very own small business.

Ms Victoria Piano Studio

Graphic Designer

We know you’ve heard it before; but this field is in serious demand. With a variety of career paths to choose from like production design or even helping another small business owner’s vision come to life, there are plenty of opportunities out there, you’ve just got to dive right in!
Larissa Rios

Fitness Trainer

Is it us or does the world seem to be obsessed with health and nutrition lately? If you’re part of that group, then hop on board and join the booming industry. Advertise your service in local gyms and supermarkets and start helping people get fit! Your clients can schedule one on one or group sessions with the help of Wix Bookings 24/7, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Nick Selzerpt

Turn Your Passion into Your Career

Do you have a cause you’re super passionate about? If you’ve been working on a project and want to get more people on board, set up a website to let people know what you’re all about. Allow visitors to sign up, engage and even donate.

Ladies Man

Ready to give entrepreneurship a try? Take the first step and create your own website with Wix.

By Jillian Altit
Community Manager - About The Wix Blog

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