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Promote Your Site \ JAN 14th 2016

The Complete Checklist for Creating an Amazing Blog

Gone are the days where well-written content and a gorgeous template is enough for your blog to go viral. In order for your stellar blog to bring in a ton of traffic, get an insane number of social shares and even earn you some money, you’re going to have to do it right. So before you hit publish, we recommend you read through our checklist of what your blog needs to have in order for it to reach its stunning potential.

The Complete Checklist for Creating an Amazing Blog

Develop Fresh Content

Hands down the most important tip for having a killer blog is to add new and relevant content for your audience. Developing a unique voice and staying up-to-date on trending topics and breaking news is a surefire way to make your blog stand out.

Include Stunning Images

In addition to a well written blog post, you know your blog is destined for greatness when you’ve got gorgeous images to compliment your text. If your images are pleasing to the eye, your readers will make the overall connection that your brand is beautiful.

Create an Attractive Design

If you’re planning to drive a ton of traffic to your blog, then you need to have a stunning theme for your visitors to ooh and aah at upon their arrival. Start by selecting one of Wix’s free blog templates to make your site visually appealing and completely customize the layout to set yourself apart from the rest.

Encourage Your Readers to Share

The number of social shares your blog gets is a solid way to gauge how well-received your blog is. If your readers are sharing your content on Facebook, you’re doing something right! Be sure to add the Facebook Share app from the Wix App Market so that visitors can easily share your content straight to their Facebook page or right onto a friend’s Facebook timeline. Are your readers more of the Pinning type? No problemo. They can simply Pin your site and images with the Pinterest Pin It app.

Ask for Feedback

A simple way to learn if your blog is a hit? Ask your readers. Giving them a voice and encouraging feedback is key to a successful blog. The Comments app allows you to ask questions, open a discussion with your visitors and receive feedback on your blog posts so you can keep improving. If a particular blog post struck up a conversation, take note.

Track Your Analytics

We know. We just shuddered at the mere thought of analytics too. But in order to understand just how amazing your blog is, it’s important to analyze the relevant metrics so you know what’s working and what’s not. The Visitor Analytics app gives you detailed statistics on your visitors and their behavior inside of your site. You can track where your traffic is coming from, where they’re moving inside of your blog and what is really holding their attention.
Want to raise those numbers? A great way to do that is to encourage your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. The Wix Get Subscribers app allows all of your visitors to sign up to your subscriber list and receive your amazing content.


Read to take the plunge? Create your own blog for free with Wix!


The Wix Team
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