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Facebook’s Hottest New Features for 2016

The year was 2004, and back then, word was just starting to spread about a new website where college students can make new friends without even having to leave their dorm rooms. In the center of this new phenomenon was a guy named Mark, who quietly sat in his Harvard dorm writing code for something he called ‘Facebook’ (heard of it?). Back then, no one could have predicted that just 12 years later, Facebook would be the number 1 social network in the world, and the second most viewed website in any category.

A large part of Facebook’s success is due to its ability to adapt, and even anticipate the needs of its users. Even when faced with competition from other giants like Twitter and YouTube, and rising stars like Snapchat, the Web’s social network darling continues to constantly reinvent itself in a dizzying speed.

With new tools and features released every month, it can feel like a full-time job just to keep up! Worry not, we’re here to help. We prepared a quick overview of the main features you can expect to see on your Facebook feed in 2016.

Facebook's Hottest New Features for 2016

Facebook Helps You Forget Your Ex

Everyone’s got their go-to remedy to get over heartbreak. But even between bowls of Ben & Jerry’s, bottles of wine, and binge watching trashy TV, there’s always that nagging urge to see what your former S.O is up to. But, not anymore!

Facebook found a way to make breaking up a little less hard on your heart. When you officially declare that you’re no longer ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook, you’ll now be offered these options to get over your ex:

  1. See Less of Your Ex: It’s hard to get over someone who’s always around. Once you declare that you’re officially over, Facebook will ask if you’d like to see less of your ex’s name and pictures on Facebook, without awkwardly having to block or unfriend them
  2. Help Them Get Over You: Limit the amount of statuses, images and videos of you that will pop up on your ex’s Facebook feed.
  3. Keep Stuff in the Past: Limit your ex’s access to stuff you’ve already published.

Our favorite thing about this feature is how stealth it is. No matter which action you’ve decided to take, your ex will never be notified that you went the extra mile to protect your heart. This feature has already been released to ex-lovers all over the US on Facebook’s mobile app.

7 More Ways to Share How You Feel

Love is the new like! This year, Facebook’s giving us a whole new range of emotions to express how we feel. No, we won’t be getting a negative ‘unlike’ button anytime soon, but we will be able to share a laugh, cry or a sense of surprise with 7 new emotion options! This feature has already started to roll out, so look out for a whole new way to let your feelings show soon.

7 More Ways to Share How You Feel

Even More Intelligent Messaging

Facebook Messenger is constantly evolving with all new features, and in the coming year, even more people will be able to take advantage of the communication tool. Starting in 2016, the Facebook Messenger App will be available as a free download to anyone with a smartphone, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

In addition to the messaging app, Facebook will be launching M, your very own virtual assistant. M is largely regarded as Facebook’s answer to Apple’s Siri, with the main difference being that this timid tool only responds to texts. Ask M a question just like any other friend, and she’ll get back to you with a response in a snap! Need a restaurant recommendation for Valentine’s Day? How about tickets to the next showing of Star Wars? Just ask M, she’s got your back.

Make-Over Your Mobile Profile Pic

Your mobile profile pic is moving on up… literally. Starting in 2016, profile pics on mobile will be moving to the center of your screen, but that’s not all Facebook has in store for that prime real estate. Your Facebook profile pic is about to become a lot more customizable, with options including: video profile pics, temporary pictures, and the ever-popular profile page filters to show your support for a trending cause.

Start working on your video profile picture now with these tips on how to use your phone to take the perfect video.

Make-Over Your Mobile Profile Pic

Share Live Videos

Ever gone to an event and wish that your favorite people could be there with you? Soon you’ll be able to invite people to virtually join you everywhere for a special day, a concert, a trip abroad, or anywhere you wish they can be! In 2016 Facebook will release their own answer to live streaming apps (like Periscope) called ‘Facebook Live.’ Heck, you can even use the feature to host your own talk show – just like Sheryl Sandberg did with youth activist Malala Yousafzai.

live chat

And… Let’s Not Forget Our Favorite New Features of 2015:

Nearby Friends

Ever find yourself with an hour to kill and no one to hang out with? Not anymore. In 2015, Facebook released “Nearby Friends” a location-based service that will notify you if you have a Facebook friend around for a quick coffee break.

If this sounds a little too ‘big brother’ for your liking, don’t fret; this feature is disabled by default, and can only be accessed through your Facebook mobile app. Less time hanging out with your friends on the internet and more chances to meet in person? Nearby Friends sounds like a good idea to us!

The Gift of Gifs!

This may be hard to believe, but it wasn’t until a few short months ago that you couldn’t share a gif on your friend’s Facebook page. Thankfully, Facebook noticed the error in their ways and hooked us up with the beauty of gifs all over our newsfeeds.

Though not perfect yet, Facebook won’t allow you to upload a gif file that you created yourself. Gifs can only be shared through a URL (internet address), so you’ll have to upload your creation to a site like Giphy, before you can share your masterpiece with the rest of the internet.

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By Nathaly Myers
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix - About the Wix Blog

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