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Creating the Right Menu for Your Website: Top 6 Options in 2016

Creating the Right Menu for Your Website: Top 6 Options in 2016

Do all signs point to your website being awesome? One of the make or break elements of your site’s web design and usability lies in how you’ve created your menu.

Like road signs on a highway, your site visitors rely on your menu to navigate site and find the exact information they’re looking for. No matter what direction you’re partial to, from vertical to horizontal, scrolling or icon based, the right menu will take your site visitors where they need to go. 

When you decide to create a website, here are six menu styles to consider:

Horizontal Menu

Horizontal website menus are the default choice for website creators around the world, and for good reason too! If you’re catering to a crowd that wants to find their bottom line, without fiddling around with new-fangled menu choice, look no further.  These user-friendly units are a staple on the top of website screens from browsers to favorite blogs, so navigating with them is near fool-proof. 

This menu is also the best option if you have a long list of submenus or dropdowns under each main menu category.

Check out the Beach Side B&B Template with the horizontal menu:

san jose Website Template

Vertical Menu

Looking to switch things up from the classic? Vertical menus are becoming an increasingly popular option. often found on the left-hand side of a website, this is an attractive design alternative that won’t leave your site visitors bewildered. They’re a popular choice for blogs because they leave a large, open canvas of space in the middle of the web page.

Pro tip: if you do go vertical, make sure to keep your page names short; you don’t want the page titles to take up precious real estate in the middle of your page.

Check out the Photography Portfolio Template with the Vertical menu:

Photography Portfolio Website Template WIX copy

Fixed Header Menu

If you have a long website, with loads of information to captivate your readers, a fixed header menu might be meant for you. This menu style freezes your header in place so it’s always in view, regardless of where visitors are on your site.

Fixed-header menus make it easy for site viewers to find their way around your website and click between different pages. Place your logo and contact details on your site menu, so that viewers can find that critical information at their fingertips. 

Check out the Classic Law Firm Template with the Fixed Header menu:

Classic Law Firm Website Template

Floating Anchor Menu

If you’ve been surfing on the Internet lately, as we assume you have, there’s no hiding from floating anchor menus. The perfect companion for long-scroll and mobile navigation, anchor menus allow site visitors to jump to different sections of your site, with just a click. And because anchor menus are floating, they are always visible wherever your site visitors are on your page.

Learn how to add a floating anchor menu on your Wix website.

Icon Menu

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why an icon menu can be so powerful. Rather than writing “Homepage” and “Contact Us,” try using an image of a house and an icon of an envelope. Want readers to check out of your store? Use a picture of a shopping cart to tell them where to click.

Icon menus are a great way to make your website navigation memorable to visitors and show that you’re a little bit different. But do keep in mind that they may be a bit confusing to less tech-savvy users.

Check Out Marcie Nipper Portfolio for inspiration:

Marcie Nipper

Bottom-Page Menu

Feeling a little rebellious? Give your site viewers a taste of the unexpected by putting your menu at the bottom of your page. Because of the switch in design flow, this style is ideal for sites with a cleaner look with just one focal image on the page. 

Pro tip: Add a pop of color to your bottom menu to make sure it doesn’t get lost in any clutter.

Check out the Folk Singer Songwriter Template with the Fixed Bottom page menu:

Folk Singer Songwriter Website Template

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