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Beginner’s Checklist for Hiring the Perfect Photographer

The search for a professional photographer can sometimes be challenging. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, an event planner or simply seeking a photographer for a family function, finding the right person that meets your requirements is a process. How can you gauge a photographer’s experience, personality and reputation just by viewing their online portfolio?  We’re here to help.

Here are some of the major factors worth considering before you hand over that deposit check.

Beginner’s Checklist for Hiring the Perfect_featured

For the Bride or Groom to be

Finding your match can be a tough feat. Really, it can be a grueling journey, but when you find the one, it’s totally worth it. Just so we’re clear, we’re talking about your wedding photographer, of course. Your first priority when searching for a photographer is experience and a genuine passion for weddings. Check out their full portfolio from weddings they’ve shot, not just their highlight reel. We recommend setting up a face-to-face meeting so you can talk about the different packages they offer. For example, in addition to your photos being made available online, will they bind your photos into an album with an option to personalize? Meeting your potential photographer in person allows you to have an open conversation about the vibe you’re looking to create at your wedding and how they’ll be able to capture that through photographs. Since you’ll be spending so much time together on the big day and they’ll be getting up close and personal with you and your partner, find someone you get along with.

Ethos Graphics Photography

Ethos Photographics photographer, James Butroid, displays his gorgeous portfolio on his website

For the Restaurateurs

People are going to your restaurant to eat, so your website needs to highlight just how delectable your dishes are. The photographer you hire needs to have extensive experience photographing food, simply owning a camera and having a love for food just isn’t enough. Anyone can Instagram a slice of pizza and add a filter, but only a professional can snap the steam off of the cheese as it melts into the tomato sauce over slightly soft yet crisp dough. Do your research online and shop around for someone who comes recommended. Ask photographers for samples and make sure they provide you with a list of food stylists (yes, that is a real profession) they usually work with so you can hire the best of the best to promote your restaurant.

Saraya Nadina Fark

Photographer and stylist, Sarya Nadina Fark, shows off her talent and true passion for food photography

For the Hoteliers

A visitor to your hotel’s website is looking to escape, so you need to hire a photographer who can help make that happen. Look to hire a photographer who’s not afraid of a little adventure so you can get some awesome action shots to promote your spot. We’re talking- underwater photo shoot! Depending on what makes your hotel stand out, you may need to find someone who specializes in architecture, food or aerial shots. You want someone who has experience photographing indoor spaces and has access to the proper equipment to get all of the angles of your space. When it comes to your hotel’s website, more is more. The more photos you have, the more you’ll be giving your soon-to-be huests to daydream about. The goal is to make visitors to your site want to book on the spot and your photographer holds the key to making that happen.

Interior Photo by Egor Plaskovksy

Interior photographer, Egor Plaskovsky, demonstrates his specialized skills in interior and architectural shooting on his website

For the Musicians

So you’ve built a stunning website using Wix Music to promote your musical talent, but now you need killer photos to amp up your page. There are several things you need to look out for when scouting a photographer for your act. While giving someone their big break is always nice, you want someone who has experience working with artists and is perhaps well-connected in the biz (maybe they’ll have a videographer you can work with as well).

Your photographer isn’t merely responsible for promotional photos; they’ll be taking photos of you doing your thing on stage and in the studio. They’ll need to understand the image you’re trying to build and should be capable of taking pictures that portray your personality and the essence of your band. They’ll need to be flexible with their schedule and be willing to jump around from location to location to get those Grammy-worthy shots.  You’ll be spending a lot of time with this person, so chemistry is important. Find someone you’ll enjoy touring with, because, yup, they’ll be with you there, too.

Shirlaine Photography

Shirlaine shows off her versatile photography skills and rave reviews in her vibrant online portfolio

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