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Web Design \ JAN 15th 2016

10 Sporty Website Templates to Make You Look Good in 2016

Admittedly, the Wix team isn’t the sportiest bunch. Our favorite type of activity involves scrolling with one hand while reaching into a bag of potato chips with the other. But while exercise may not be our strength, we do know a thing or two about web design and creating superb website templates

Sports-themed websites are very diverse. Official team websites, personal trainer sites, sports news blogs, online stores for gear, and more – all of these have significantly different content and require a unique look and layout. Whatever your sporty passion may be, we hand-picked 10 excellent templates that will give you a terrific springboard for creating your own website. They’re as beautiful as a three-point shot with nothing but net, as professional as a caddie on the World Golf Championships, and as elegant as new Air Jordans.

Powerhouse Fitness
The undeniable statement at the heart of this template is: “let’s get down to business.” It is designed to motivate visitors into action. Now all you need to do is to add your own content and details and you have yourself a powerful site.

Fitness Studio Website

Fan Site
This awesome template works perfectly for websites that zoom in on an individual athlete – whether as an official site or a fan site. The blog feature makes it very easy to edit news updates and keep the fans up to speed with the latest thrills.
Basketball Fansite

Personal Trainer
We love EVERYTHING about this beautiful, vivid site template – the bold colors, the dynamic scrolling experience, the alternating between images and textual content, the simplicity. It’s a real looker, as they say.

Personal Trainer Website

Tennis Lessons
Any service provider working in the sports industry will find this template to be a great choice of a business website – trainers, teachers, nutrition consultants, physiotherapists, and more. It sends a clear message of reliability and professionalism.
Tennis Instructor Website

Tennis Lessons II
Personal trainers will love this template, which comes with a built-in scheduling tool. It’s simple and elegant in its design, and has a sort of “down-to-earth” feel to it. Tennis Lessons Website

Yoga Studio
For a more soothing and tranquil look on your site, this template is a wonderful choice. It is perfect for any type of fitness studio because it includes a teachers biography section as well as scheduling tools. Sun Yoga

Fitness Dance
Fun, stylish, outgoing – this template’s style is meant to match the target markets of certain sport activities. This template is meant to get site visitors to jump off their chairs and start working out. Dance Instructor Website

Flex MMA
We’re really digging the energetic look of this template, with the edgy background and the unique red-grey color palette. It’s a great choice for gyms, exercise classes and even fan sites.

Mis Martial Arts

Swim Stars
Though this template is designed for swimming classes for kids, it actually will work work fantastically for all types of water-sports sites. It is uniquely fun and cheerful, and is probably more suited to amateur sports fans and practitioners.

Swim Stars

Yoga Instructor
The perfect scrolling experience makes this template ideal for viewing on all devices and screen sizes. Another huge benefit is the use of grand photos that immediately capture the visitors’ gaze. Yoga Instructor


Ready to be fit and sporty online? Create your own website with Wix!

The Wix Team
By The Wix Team

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