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Slow Work Day? 5 Productivity Hacks from the Wix Team

Taking a vacation this winter season? Everyone needs the occasional R & R – but you know what happens when the vacation’s over? Post-holiday exhaustion.

For many, returning to work can be a bit of challenge. Whether you’re trying to muster the strength to just make it through the work day, or you want to get around to trying that awesome website builder everyone is talking about (for a totally amazing online presence), there are little tricks you can do to conserve what little energy you have left.

Consider this the first step to a more productive you in 2016! Here are the Wix Team’s top tips to get more done in your day:

Finish Your Least Favorite Tasks First

Did you know we’re most productive in the morning? Even if you’re a self-proclaimed ‘not a morning person,’ it doesn’t mean you can’t get stuff done in the am. Tuning out all the noise around and doing the thing you don’t want to do first can not only get it out of the way faster, it also makes all the tasks ahead of you seem that much more manageable.

Tackle Your Email Inbox

Even if you’ve only been out of the office for a few days, you’ll likely come back to an influx of emails. Instead of having a panic attack at the sight of your inbox, we suggest you make a quick list of the people who you know need your attention first and foremost. Your boss, their boss, or maybe the newcomer to the team who could really use your guidance. Search emails by those senders first so that you have a clearer understanding of high-priority issues before you tackle the more menial messages in your inbox.

Take a Hike

Ok – it doesn’t have to be a full-on hike, but a wee bit of movement or, dare we say it, exercise, can do wonders for your productivity. 2pm is generally when your caffeine intake has run low and your post-lunch sloth kicks in. Exercise, whether it’s a run, a bike ride, or even just a walk around the block, boosts endorphins, gets your blood pumping, and offers a change of scenery.

Go Dark

When you’re trying to get things done, nothing can slow you down quite like chats, social media, and texting. In fact, it’s even a good idea to avoid your email inbox altogether – that way you can keep your focus on that task you need to be done with. Before you start to sweat at the thought of turning your phone off, don’t. You can totally survive an hour or two away from your media outlets, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you get done.

Say ‘No’

Sometimes there’s just no other way around it. Having the huevos to simply say ‘no’ to the endless requests that come in (whether it be for meetings, info, or a coffee break) can make all the difference in your ability to crush tasks. This isn’t to say you should pick up a rep for being that negative person who’s never available, but when it’s crunch time and you’re on a work roll, you need to prioritize your time for you.


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