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Promote Your Site \ DEC 1st 2015

Send Knockout Holiday Greetings in 2 Minutes!

If you’re a business owner with an online store, it’s your busiest time of year. You’ve got sales to promote, phone calls to answer, Christmas orders to ship – and that’s just at work! You know that your to-do list should include sending a ‘Happy Holidays’ email to your loyal customers, but you probably can’t imagine when you’ll find the time to do it. Worry not – Wix ShoutOut makes it remarkably easy to send out custom emails to all of your contacts, and it’s stocked with special styles made just for the holidays. With just a few clicks and a matter of minutes, you can send your customers a holiday greeting to be proud of.

So what will you say in your Holiday email? Here are 5 fun ideas you’re more than welcome to copy:

Send Clients a Knockout Holiday Greeting in Literally 2 Minutes!

From our family to yours (the classic greeting)

Sometimes the best emails are the simplest ones. Your customers will appreciate receiving a friendly, personal note in their inbox that asks for nothing more than a smile. If you’re going to go minimal with your text, be sure to use an eye-catching design. Go ahead and use a photo of your work family – it adds a personal touch and lets your customers know that this greeting comes from all of your staff.

Have coffee on us!

Everyone loves a freebie and when it’s a hot cup of coffee, almost no one can resist. Rather than sending an email that has a coupon for a few dollars, a gift from you or another business in the community feels more intimate and thoughtful. With giving in the air, offering something small to your loyal customers is a great way to remind them why they love your biz and entice new patrons to come back and support you again.

We know your drink order – spend New Year’s with friends

The scenario: your restaurant or bar is throwing a holiday party and you want all your favorite customers to come. The solution: create a quick ShoutOut that explains why ringing in the New Year at their favorite local spot will be far more fun than going to some over-crowded or awkward party, let alone staying home. Remind customers that when they order “the usual” at your place, you know exactly what that means.

Save time shopping, spend time with your family instead

This simple message will show customers that you care about them personally and understand where they’re coming from. After all, who really wants to spend every weekend in December waiting in the checkout line or looking for parking at the mall? Shopping online saves time and purchasing gift cards is not only easy, it’s the best way to ensure that everyone on your Christmas list gets just what they want. In fact, a newsletter that recommends customers give their friends and family a gift card to your store may be just the answer to their holiday prayers – and the key to boosting your sales!

Let us say Merry Xmas in person

While you could say “Come on in for our Holiday Sale,” a more personal message will remind your loyal customers why they love shopping at your brick and mortar store. Announce your season’s sale with a personal invitation inviting everyone to come by so you can give them each a Christmas gift, in person, whether it be a stocking stuffer, a box of chocolates or a $10 discount to use in your store. If you finished your ShoutOut newsletter, but are having trouble coming up with the perfect subject line, check out this blog for tips and ideas.


Ready to send out your first Holiday Newsletter? Create your own ShoutOut today!

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