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Small Business Tips \ DEC 10th 2015

Last Minute Marketing Tips for Small Biz Procrastinators

With the holiday season officially in full swing, the time has come to kick your holiday marketing efforts into high gear.

A little late to the party? Not to worry. We’ve got some killer marketing tips for you in order to help you make the most of the holiday season, even if you’re a bit behind schedule. If you’re looking for some help selling your merchandise from your online store and giving your customers the warm fuzzy feelings they’re looking for this time of year, keep on reading!

Add a Touch of Holiday Spirit to Your Website

Even more so during the gift-giving (and buying) season, your goal is to encourage your site visitors to make their holiday purchases with you. Get them in the shopping mood by adding a little holiday festivity to your website.The Wix App Market’s Holiday Badge App allows you to do just that. You can quickly add badges to your site that to highlight certain products, services or even just to wish visitors a happy holiday.

Make it Personal

Instead of simply promoting your most popular products, consider featuring your employees’ favorite items from your store. A little spotlight on your staff makes your company appear more human and can inspire your customers to make a purchase that maybe they wouldn’t have thought about if, say, your graphic designer hadn’t mentioned it! Whether you want to put out an email blast or add it to the holiday section on your website, this is a surefire way to give your customers holiday fever!

Have a Christmas Sale

Offer some of your amazing products and services to your customers that are as last minute as you are. Need to get the word out? Create an email newsletter to let your contacts know you’ve got goods that are ready to go at a discounted price! Be sure to include a reasonable purchase deadline in order to ensure their gifts arrive in time to make it under the tree. Extra tip: don’t forget to add a personal touch to your email and thank your loyal customers. After all, you’re not one to judge procrastinators, right?

Last Minute Marketing Tips for Small Biz Procrastinators

Get Social

Calling all procrastinators! Meet your new BFF, social media. Social posts are the most efficient way to get the word out, especially those very last minute ones you just came up with. You can feature a gift of the day right on your Facebook page, create boards of the most popular stocking stuffers on Pinterest or jump on a holiday hashtag trending on Instagram and Twitter to get people talking. Don’t have a gorgeous image to share on social? Your stunning website is your best resource. Snap a screenshot straight from your site and pair it with a fun and fresh caption to create some buzz.

Participate in Something Huge

According to the internet, it’s National Free Shipping Day on December 18th and it’s the perfect trend for an online shop owner to jump on. All you have to do is register at freeshippingday.com and agree to offer free shipping on all orders for the day. You’ll join the ranks of some pretty big players (Walmart, Target and Samsung to name a few) and reach a whole new bundle of potential customers.

Added Bonus: Make sure you use the #FreeShippingDay hashtag on social media to let your customers know you’re participating and get insane exposure all over the web!

Ready for holiday business? Set up your online store now!

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