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Promote Your Site \ DEC 15th 2015

.Com? .Org? .Ninja? How to Choose the Right Domain Extension

Looking to buy an online home and get a custom domain? Just like real-world real estate, there’s one key component: location, location, location. When it comes to new property, would-be homeowners generally fall into these two camps:

  1. Those willing to pay big bucks for traditionally hot areas.
  2. Adventurous types who are willing to think outside the box and know that their property may increase in popularity and value over time.

If you’re not dead set on a [dot]com name, there’s a whole world of awesome domains at your disposal! Under the radar domain extensions like .net, .biz, and .me have not only become exceedingly popular over the years; they also have added branding value that [dot]coms don’t.

Best yet, dozens of these unique domain names are available right from your Wix account. Get ’em while they’re hot! We’ve jotted down some of our favorite domain suffixes that may just take the reigns from that old .com.


This suffix is a great solution for geologists and superstars alike. Think about how cool it’ll be to add this suffix to your band’s website, or even to your own personal portfolio. Does yourname.rocks? It does now!


Creating a personal website? Including your birth name in your domain can be a big challenge, especially if you have a pretty common name. If the [dot]com name that matched up with your moniker has already been snatched up, try your luck with a .me domain.


Do you have mad SEO skills? Not just for your local judo studio, this awesome domain suffix adds some serious street cred to your online business.

Location Domains: .London .Tokyo

Show some hometown spirit or solidify your business as a local staple by adding a location-based suffix to your website address. An interesting option for your localization strategy, these suffixes instantly associate your business with some of the hottest cities in the world.


Whether you’re running a rotary club, an exclusive organization or the hottest nightclub in town, this is the perfect accompaniment to your online address. Need an extra level of exclusivity on your website? Keep things behind closed doors by adding a privacy protected page on your website.

Spread the Holiday Spirit: .christmas .holiday

‘Tis the season to pump up your branding. Sprinkle the spirit of the holidays onto your website by adding a festive suffix to your website. What an awesome branding tool to promote your holiday landing page.


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